Tuesday, June 08, 2021


 Right, here's a new face for ya!

ABOVE: This young man visited us last night.  We had not seen him in years!  No excuse really, it just never happened.
So, who do you think he is?

ABOVE:  It's our grandson, Joshua.   Josh was born between Brylee and Griffin, which makes him 20 years old (last month).  OMG don't kids grow up so fast!

He's a delightful young man, and it was wonderful to see him again.

Right, back to today.  I've got a fair bit of housework to get done.  But not as much as I first anticipated, as I did all the washing last night.
Such a good idea, I really should do that more often.  Then ya not left waiting around for washing to get done in the morning.

I'm heading out to the mall later on this morning, there's a few things I need to get.
So, that's me for now.
Catch ya later.

11.25 am:  I've been shopping.  What a great start to the week.

First up, I bought some more winter tops for myself, as I seem to be cycling through just 3 at the moment.
I really don't have many winter clothes.
After I found what I needed, I got a few items for a grandchild too.

ABOVE:  then I bought these wireless headphones.  I'm happy to have found decently priced, wireless ones.  Wires do my head in.
I'm now going to connect them up to me computer.
Then I might have some lunch, and continue with the housework.

5.47 pm:  finally, all the housework is done, and dinner is on for Stew.
I'm off to Card Night shortly, so anticipate an enjoyable evening.
I missed getting a photo of an amazing sunset this evening, drat.  The sky was RED, and so pretty.

10.08 pm:  And I'm home from cards.  There were two winners this evening, me and Susan D.  We had a very nice evening.
Glad to be home, feet up and blankie on.
It's been a very quiet day.  
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. HOW TIME FLIES! What a great looking young man, glad he stopped by, how fun for you.

  2. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Handsome looking young man! Is he your oldest sons boy?

  3. How lovly for Josh to visit.

  4. Nice surprise catch up for you 💙

  5. How nice to get a surprise visit, let's hope it is the beginning of many.

  6. Welcome Joshua! Hope to see more of you !

  7. What a great surprise visitor! I love my wireless headphones, though I have smaller ones I run with. Love listening to podcasts when I’m out for a run. Enjoy card night :)

  8. That's a good looking grandson you have. Nice surprise for you.

  9. What a wonderful surprise from your grandson. Hope that you get move visits. Take care.


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