Saturday, June 26, 2021


 A couple of nights ago we watched a programme on TV about how quickly a fire gets out of hand inside a house.

And how important it is to have good, working smoke alarms.

And WHOOPS.   I took all of ours down to strip wallpaper, and haven't put them back up.

As they are alarms that were already in this house when we bought it, I'm not going to put them back up.

Today Stew and I are going out and buying new ones, and they will be installed TODAY.

Once we have done that, I'm going to have Stew move our bed so I can get the wallpaper off from behind the headboard.  Lacy and I couldn't do it the other day.

Also, he can move the TV cabinet in the lounge, it's another thing I simply cannot move.

I know I said I wasn't going to do the lounge yet, but I can do some of it!  Just not the china cabinets.  They can wait.

So, it's going to be a busy day.  

Catch ya later.

ABOVE:  I think we got enough.  (10)

ABOVE:  Bex bought some of these Anniversary packs of loo paper.  They come with a cute little Roly Dog.  So I got a couple at the supermarket this morning too.  I couldn't resist.
The supermarket was crazy busy, I hope to never go there on a Saturday again.

ABOVE:  Our lunch today.  Sizzler sausages, red onion, mushrooms and a tiny bit of bacon.

Now?  Just taking a break until I feel like doing more wallpaper.
I reckon I will have it done in a week!

The smoke alarms have a 10 year warranty.  If we have to change the batteries every couple of years, so be it.
We feel much better having too many alarms, than not enough.  

I am about 2/3rds of the way through my bedroom walls.  Taking a break cos I'm already knackered.  You have NO IDEA how much I want this DONE AND DUSTED!  I'm so damn over wallpaper.

10.37 pm:  We've had a good afternoon and evening.  I got a bit more of my room done before stopping.
Steve, Bex and the boys came over for dinner.
We spent a happy 2-3 hours together before they went home.
Stew watched sport on the TV in the lounge, and I watched some Real Crime on YouTube.
Now... it's time for bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Maybe you should get a painting quote sooner rather than later. It may not add much to the cost to have them do the priming AND the painting. I find the hardest part of the job is taping and masking everything. If they have to that - they may as well use it for both jobs. Get a quote both ways. Then sit down with a Diet Coke and watch the paint crew do all the hard work! You are working hard enough with this wall paper nonsense!

    1. Good Morning 😊
      All i read from that is paper and thought 'fire' and paint crew and thought 'men in uniform' so when is this happening lol 😂 🤣
      #Lacy 💙

  2. I took my smoke detector down again yesterday there is another one in hall but this one keeps beeping as if the battery is flat but its new and supposedly ten year battery this is the second one the landlord has replaced gģgrrrr

  3. Lunch looks delish

  4. I had friends who took the battery out of their smoke detector (the low battery beeping upset their dog). They then went away and had friends house sit for them. The cheap Chinese electric blanket short-circuited and set the bed on fire but no working smoke detector in that part of the house so away it went. By the time they realised something was wrong the bedroom was well alight. The firies said that if they had been in bed at the time they would not have survived. So I am glad you have replaced yours.

  5. Are those the ten year long life battery alarms? If not, take them back and buy those. You never need to change a battery again.

    1. Ive got the 10 yr ones and onto second one in 2 months

  6. Me again, I can read on those alarms they say 9v. Better to buy less and get the 10 year ones! You don't need that many anyway.

  7. Happy Saturday Team Harvey 💙💙

  8. Anonymous6:09 PM

    I've got 10 year alarms. You can't change batteries in the ones I've got and they went crook only 18 months later. Whole alarm has to be replaced but mitre 10 will replace them. The fire brigade came to disconnect them and gave me one which was very different.
    I missed out on the roly dog. They'd sold out down here. Kj

  9. We have to have hard wired fire alarms here - it's a condition on new houses/renovations and when selling. The law must have come in many years ago as we did an extension 10 years ago and have two hard wired ones. Only two for the house though as that's all that was required. I'd go nuts changing batteries on that many smoke alarms!

    1. Definitely hard wired alarms are the go. Can’t imagine having 10 alarm batteries to change. That’s a whole lot of alarms to have in one house 🤷‍♀️ But obviously you have done the research and bought what was required. Safety of mind

  10. How cool is that toilet paper toy!!! You’re doing a great job. We are about to start painting the back area of our house. Well my husband will do most of the painting 🤣 Lunch looks real good 😊

  11. We are hardwired too, and a lot of them. Rule is one must be outside door of every bedroom and also in every bedroom (we have five bedrooms, so that is 10 right there plus more in main rooms). The hardwired ones ALL have batteries in them too, in case power goes out, required. Those last a long time, but they do need changed every few years.

    My mom (older home) has the ones where the battery needs changed, the service people do them when they check/service her furnace each fall. So she changes her 9V once a year. We reuse those batteries for other things.

    1. That's what we do too with the ones that aren't hard-wired. We change them on Oct 1 every year (to make it easy to remember) and also reuse the batteries elsewhere.

  12. I agree, good idea to get quotes now for every combination of prime/paint and see what makes sense. Taping once for all is a really good point. Plus it will be fast and you will be back to normal.

    Paint is shockingly high priced here right now, many construction related things are.

  13. You're not making me look forward to taking the paper down in my bedroom lol


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