Saturday, June 12, 2021


 Providing it's fine, today is going to be spent doing some outside jobs.

Gardening.  Weeding.  Lawns etc.

We need a hedge trimmer, so that might be first on our list of things to do.

Down the 'dogs' side of the house is looking pretty disgusting... Stew's not been out there to tidy it up in a few weeks.  It's out of control!

I might do a before and after photo... later.

So, while we were looking forward to a 'quiet' weekend, jobs still need to be done.  😒

The other thing on top of the job list is to bomb the pool and run the pool filter for the day.  We only need to do that once a month over winter luckily.

And that's about it for now.  Catch ya later.

10.57 am:  Well after a very late start, we went to Mitre 10 and bought a hedge trimmer.  Then home in time to look after Dante and Archer for an hour or so while Steve went to check out a job for work.

ABOVE:  The dogs are happy, they love the kids. 

1.20 pm:  We've still not really started on the outside yet!  Stew just scooped the dog's poop, and now he's gone to get petrol for the new hedge trimmer, among other things.  Like Baked Beans.
We are having Fish Cakes, mashed potato and baked beans for dinner!  Nice and easy.  Comfort food.  Or Lazy Food.  Call it what ya will.  😊

ABOVE:  Well that's one shitty job done!  Stew went over it all with the weed eater, then I water blasted it.
We will still have to spray it with weed killer, and also mould remover.
It's such a damp, dark side of the house.  It's a wonder weeds even grow there, but the bastards do.  😕😖😏  AND it doesn't even take that long to get so damn horrible looking!

Anyway, it's now 4 pm and we are both done for the day.  
Time to put down the tools and settle down for a nice, relaxing evening.
Tomorrow is another day.  

We are chopping down a tree tomorrow!


  1. Kiwionholidays11:52 AM

    Aww The look on the lil guys face looking at the dog ,,,,no wonder they love them so much , Is that Dante?
    Enjoy your day there today with whoever calls by n whatever you end up doing this afty,

    Cheers 🥂

  2. Long weekend here and waiting for our only grandchild to arrive in about 3 hours. ‘ big drive see Pa’. I think we will be very busy but I hope the weather improves

  3. Happy Weekend Team Harvey 💙

  4. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Yum can I come for dinner? Love comfort food. Kj

  5. Tea sounds good enough to eat lol

  6. Gosh that back cobbles came up clean as great work there always something to do.
    Those dogs of yours so good with the kids


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