Wednesday, June 16, 2021



That's me day in a single word really.

I am going to continue stripping bloody wallpaper.

I will probably take a break at some point for a walk in the neighbourhood.

'DIET'.  Thanks for all the suggestions from yesterday.

At the moment we are just going to cut out all complex carbs, and all obvious sugars.

And keep our portions smaller.  We both feel that should help.  If our 'numbers' don't come down significantly in the next 3 months, we will reassess what we are doing.

So, it will be a 'soft' KETO diet.  Not hard and fast, but certainly along those lines.

We want to be able to sustain whatever we do.  Not make it impossible to continue long term.

I had an excellent day yesterday, and felt really happy with my food choices, and portion sizes.

So, let's do that again today.

10.50 am:  Good start to the day.  I went for another walk.  Only 35 minutes, but it's better than nothing.

Then I started this:

ABOVE: Yeah, the one thing I loathe more than cleaning toiltes!  Ironing Stew's shirts.
I've done enough to last him till next week.
Now... I'm taking a break before folding the washing.

Gosh, such a thrilling life!
Is anyone else having a better day than me?

Ha ha!  I didn't fold the washing.  I binge watched a Netflix series called 'Unbelievable'.  It was awesome, thoroughly enjoyed it.
Now I have to pull finger and get my jobs done before Stew gets home and thinks I'm a lazy tart!

7 pm:  Well I've got a very tired husband.  He had to travel to Ohope and back today for a funeral.  Hopefully he sleeps well tonight, cos he didn't last night.  Nor did I.  Some nights are just like that eh?
Anyway... we've just had dinner and now it's time to relax.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I agree 100% with you food decision. One more point is that there are plenty of low carb foods you can make that will substitute your normal treats. I use almond flour mostly and make amazing buns. Search for "The Keto Bread" on Diet Doctor. There's loads of recipes on Diet Doctor that will help transition from high carb to low carb food. One thing you do have is time to cook so enjoy trying out new recipes that will suit your lifestyle. If you starve yourself you will give up so make sure you search out lots of delicious foods!

  2. p.s. I make the Keto bread rolls using two eggs, not three egg whites. They seem to turn out fine. I also make them bigger and flatter and fill them like a filled roll for lunch. When fresh with butter they are just like real buns. I buy the psyllium husk from Countdown or Pac n save, it's readily available these days not like back in 2011 when I first started eating this way!

  3. I think you are making really good choices for your eating plan. Don't work too hard on taking down wallpaper. do you have to take it down if you are going to cover it up with wood?

  4. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Wise choices diet wise. You have to go with something you can stick at. We all know if you go to intense at something then stop because you can’t sustain it, you end up worse than before you started. Good luck, you have inspired me to check myself more as well. Michelle rom Oz.

  5. Great choice with your new way of eating. Definitely the way to go … slow and steady as you learn along the way

  6. Good plan & Lynda is right, there are lots of options these days. Samyson did keto for a bit before he went to Canada and some of the stuff he was producing was great :-). It was actually fun we had lots of new options plus variations on some old favourites.

  7. In my house, we all fold the washing as we get it off the line. Then it's done. With 4 of us, we have a full load every day. So I do one load a day, and fold it as it comes off the line, and I don't need to go back to it and it doesn't pile up :)

  8. Surely that isnt drinking water i see beside the ironing board. I use to bitch at jimmy about the mess on my towels then one day i thought about it (he mowed lawns) "if he had an office job id have shirts to wash an iron...stop moaing about towels they are easy to launder" dont envy u one little bit

  9. Felicity, I'm guessing the water is for the iron. I don't think DC would work very well!!

    1. BANG ON!!! As if I'd be drinking water.... ha ha ha!

  10. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Had this advice yesterday. I strongly suggest getting cauliflower rice from countdown – in the frozen food section. Cook it up with some veggies, chicken, soy sauce and sesame oil (and whatever else you want) you have something really satisfying with practically no carbs. I'm going to try it

    1. I will certainly look for it. Thanks.

    2. I use this all the time. Only $2 a bag and delicious with a curry. Don't buy the broccoli rice though, I bought some the other day and ended up throwing it out!

  11. Your life is "Thrilling". Do not think for one second that your life is any different or more boring than anyone else's!

  12. That was my mom's favorite part of my dad retiring! No more ironing his work uniforms!


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