Thursday, June 24, 2021


 Well, today it would appear I am going to be...


If Lacy turns up, we will be making a start on my bedroom/bathroom.

I can do some of the prep work before she gets here by taking down photos, paintings etc.

Once my room is done, it only leaves the lounge. And I'm not doing that room until just before we get the professionals in, as I have to empty the china cabinets.  And that will involve bubble wrap and boxes for the china.  Oh joy.

Hopefully we get the bulk of my room done today.

ABOVE: After being out of action with a sprained thumb for a while, Emily was awarded Player of the Day after her first game of Netball.  Well done Emily!

ABOVE:  Every night.  Without fail.  They stare at Stew, follow him around and won't leave him alone.  
Cos he feeds them their dinner of course!
Classic case of 'cupboard love' if ever I saw it.

And... that's me for now.  I better get a move on and get my bedroom sorted out.
Catch ya later.

11 am:  And Lacy arrived bloody early!  So, I think we've been going for about 2 hours already.

ABOVE:  It certainly goes easier with two doing it.  Though, she got the shitty pillar!  
Those things are as bad as the pelmets.
And internal corners.
Once this house is done, I never want to strip wallpaper again.

Funny Story time:   About a week ago, when Lacy was out with us, we bought some winter socks for her from Bunnings.  She screamed black and blue she would pay for them.
But I refused to let her.

So when she left ours, she hid that $20 in my house.  Then sent me a photo to show me where it was.

Every since then we have been 'giving' it back to each other, in a sneaky way.
Today I got her a good one!

She took some stale bread home to feed the pigs.  I hid the $20 in between some of the bread slices.

And then, when I knew she would be home, I sent her a message about how the pigs might eat some money!

Too late .. ALMOST.  She had thrown the bread in to the pigs, seen the money and had to jump in the pig's paddock to rescue the money.  

Then she had to walk through copious amounts of pig shit to get out again.  SCORE.


5.55 pm:  After Lacy left I had some lunch.  Then I took some paper off the lounge walls.  Not much as I simply could not move the damn TV cabinet!
Some things I just can't do.

Dinner tonight is a beef casserole, an all-in-one dinner.  I put it on in the slow cooker first thing this morning.  It's been wafting a delicious odour all day.

10.30:  Dinner was lovely!  Then... quiet evening cosied up in me Oodie and a blanket too.
Time to sign off till tomorrow.


  1. How was the goat??

  2. Haha iv never jumped over a wodden then wine and electric fence so dam fast i tell ya lol 😂
    And well actually the money thing has been going on for a while now, since Cambridge...i remember one one occasion you sent be home with some mince leftovers, you put $20 in a little plastic sandwich bag and suffed it into the mince you put in a red container, lucky i didnt reheat it aye lol 😂
    I will get you back lol 😂 you know i will.

    Oh and this all started because Ma tried paying me for doing some house or yard work for her, and i said 'no you don't pay family to help, we just do it coz we are family and thats what familys do, not for $' anyways yea lol
    #Lacy 💙

  3. Me dont think ghis $20 story is finished yet

    1. I dont see it finishing any time soon lol 😂
      #Lacy 💙

  4. That made me laugh-sorry Lacy but can just picture you jumping over the fence into the pig shit. You will have to think of a really good one in return.

    1. Yip im gona get a really good hiding space, hehe already have a few goid ideas 💡 😊
      #Lacy 💙

  5. That's bloody hilarious 🤣😆😂 Lacy you're amazing thank you for helping your mother and father out 💙

    1. Thats what us kids are for, helping our parents family our ect and vic versa, ill always help them
      #Lacy 💙

    2. Absolutely chick it's how it works 💙

  6. Kiwionholidays7:53 PM

    Yep it’s big days but combined efforts that get us by and together as a family/ Whanau we get it done ✔️

    Good on you all working together ,,and having an awesome work force ,,even if we over 50s ,,, lead the way , we ppreciate all you ones that help

    love the wallpaper pics too

  7. Where did you get your oodie, is it hard to put on over your head, I would love one but I don’t like clothes up high around my neck.

  8. You are so blessed to have your family to help you. And yes how was the goat?


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