Friday, June 04, 2021


Stew has the day off work today.  

So we are heading over to Tauranga for a day trip (in my car).

As Stew's car has sprung a problem on him, we can't be away as long as we wanted, as he will have to take it to the garage this afternoon.

So, we won't be doing as much as we had planned, but never mind.  A change of scene will be great.

And well... there's a couple of rather good fabric shops over there too. 😂😏😊

Mike and Joyce are coming up from Palmerston North this afternoon.  As it's the last long weekend until October, they decided to come up again.  It's been wonderful how much we've seen them this year!

Stew did a talk for The South Waikato Parkinson's Society yesterday.  As a 'Thank You', they gave him these:

ABOVE:  Gorgeous Orange Tulip bulbs.  Seems we must plant them this weekend.  😊  I'm sure we can do that.  I just have to think about where to put them.

It makes a nice change... usually he gets given bottles of wine and chocolates!

Now... I better get outta bed.  We are leaving fairly early, seeing as we have to come back earlier than first planned.

... 12.45 pm, and we are safely home again.

ABOVE:  When we left it was a pea soup fog... all the way to the top of the Kaimai's.

ABOVE: Then the sun came out.  It was lovely and fine in Tauranga.  

No other photos... I forgot to take any!

And I didn't end up getting any new fabric either!

ABOVE: Heading home, and would you believe it?  Fog all over the Waikato the minute we started going down the Kaimai's again!

It's STILL foggy right now here in Hamilton.  I wonder if it will even lift at all today?

We are now gunna have some lunch, then take Stew's car into the garage.  Fingers crossed it's not gunna be off the road too long.

ABOVE:  "DAD" !!!.... Dad where did ya go?
Maybe he's coming back soon?
Yeah.  He's taken his car into the garage... if they have to keep it I will go and pick him up.

ABOVE:  Liam is looking great!  Not too much swelling or bruising.  And he looks happy enough, which means not much pain either.  So relieved.

Stew just rang.   
And AMAZING news about his car!
The mechanics took it for a drive, put it up on the hoist, tightened a couple of things and said... "It's fixed, take it home, no charge" !!!!

NO CHARGE!   Goodhue Automotive, 225 Anglesea Street,  Hamilton, YOU ROCK!

8.24 pm: Well... we had the 'usual' family here for dinner tonight. 
Steve, Bex, Dante, Archer, Mike and Joyce.
I made mince/bacon/cheese pies and mashed potatoes.

ABOVE:  A beef stew is always better a couple of nights later. Particularly in a pie.

ABOVE: These two arrived just as dinner was ready too.  Good timing.  

So, we are now enjoying a quiet evening.  The guys are watching friggin rugby, how typical.
I'm not going to be up too late tonight... feeling quite tired.


  1. Hoping you have a lovely day today 💙

  2. Enjoy your wee road trip today. Love those flowers Stew got given, such a lovely colour.

  3. Love the colour of those tulips.
    Have the best day.

  4. We stopped at Tauranga when we went on a cruise a few years ago. Such a lovelyplace! Enjoy your day +

  5. Liam looks great! I certainly hope the surgery fixed the problem!

  6. Wow pea soup alright
    Lovely colour tulips
    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Love mechanics like that! Excellent news!

  8. Wow that is one awesome mechanics! Not often you get service like that. Liam looks to be going so well which I’m sure is a relief for his Mum and you guys.

  9. Wow thats awesome service 👏

  10. Fog on the Kaimais. That brings back a few memories. And all those logging trucks!!
    Liam is looking good. Hope it's the end of his trouble. He's a cute kid.
    Oh for that pie. Looks delicious.

  11. Have a great long weekend. Enjoy your time with the family.

  12. Nice to know there are some businesses around like your car repair shop. Liam looks well, he is a handsome young man.
    Pie look good too, glad you enjoyed it.

  13. Happy early anniversary if I don't get on tomorrow!


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