Sunday, June 13, 2021


 It has been a bumper year for mandarins.

We have two trees, one is fairly small, and not too old.  It's producing heaps of mandarins.

The other tree is large and very old.  It too is producing heaps of mandarins.

We can't possibly use them all, or even give them away!  Everyone seems to have plenty of the fruit.


ABOVE: This one (the larger, older tree), is coming down.  Today.

We are also taking down the netting from around the grape vine, so we can prune it.  

Hopefully the vine won't grow quite so BIG next season!  We had so much wastage of grapes last season.

So, that's our plans for today.  I think it will take us a couple of hours at least to get the tree down and into the trailer.  

Catch ya later...

Steve and Bex came around to give us a hand... 

ABOVE:  Steve made very short work of that tree!

ABOVE:  Before and after.  Much tidier.

ABOVE:  Winter maple leaves, they are so lovely.

ABOVE:  Scones for lunch.  They went down rather well!

ABOVE: There's always one in the family right?

Once the kids had left... Stew and I had a very quiet afternoon.   I even had a nap, which was blissful.
The day got drearier and darker, and rained in the early evening.

Dinner tonight?  Bex mentioned that sometimes she makes a pizza using a scone base.  So, as I had some left over scones from lunch:

ABOVE:  I used them to make us a pizza!  It was really delicious.  I only managed two little pieces.  I think Stew will be having some for his lunch tomorrow.  

And ... that's a wrap of our day.  Just so happy with how our weekend went.  We got all our outside jobs done, had family over, and also got our peace and quiet time too.  PERFECT.


  1. Kiwionholidays11:12 AM

    Amazing how well citrus 🍊 grows in that area,
    Know what you are saying in taking one of them out , makes more room n tidies another area up,

    Have a fab day
    Cheers 🥂

  2. Wow to many mandarins just wow

  3. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Oh I wish I lived closer. I live on mandarins. So juicy and easy to eat. Looks like a beautiful day up there. Kj

  4. Ohhhh Steve you are funny 😄 happy faces 💙

  5. Could you drop some off at a school or hospital. In our department we put bags of excess fruit or veg in our tearoom and people are always grateful.

  6. YEs, I must admit. It is tidier without the tree. Love how the dog is right there ready if Steve has a mishap! Your Maple leaves are slightly different shap than ours. And more "pastel" in color. Interesting!

  7. Our mandarins are the best ever this year too.

  8. Wow those mandarins, so yum. You are so lucky. Do you eat them? Preserve them? If you can’t eat them all, maybe pick them and put them out for free at your driveway. Such a shame to waste such beautiful fruit. Nice you’ve had a nice relaxing weekend. Family visits are great but tiring, although it seems you really encourage the visits and enjoy making memories and documenting the good times 💕

  9. Oh I think I have mandarin tree envy here ... I wish they would grow here - but our sand is far too sandy. Instead we fork out so much money each mandarin season on buying them. If your other tree starts producing more than you need, maybe a local kindy or school would be happy to take them off your hands as healthy snacks for the kids. Your scones look so yummy! Great to see you've had a lovely weekend.

  10. So much room now that that tree is gone! One can only eat so much fruit lol


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