Tuesday, June 01, 2021


 I reckon Lacy has found her true calling.

Helping out on a farm.

She seems to be in love with all the animals.

She sent me these two photos yesterday:

ABOVE: These are the first two calves born on the farm this season.
How cute are they?
I might just have to go out there one day and have a 🐔cluck🐔 over calves.

Can you believe it's the first of JUNE already?  First official day of Winter.

OMG where is this year going.  I think the older you get the faster the years go.

Well... looking back it seems faster.  While other things just drag.

But oh well....  moving on.  I might go for another walk this morning, it will depend on the weather.  If it's cold... it's a given.

AND I want to buy some slippers.  Me feet are freezing, and my UGG boots are too big and heavy to wear all day inside the house.

I think some of those soft fluffy ones, like me Oodie, might be the ones to get.  I saw some the other day, I just have to try and remember where?

Somewhere at the Base.  

And that's me for now... I'll catch ya later.

11.45 am:  And I killed two birds with one stone this morning.
I got my walk... all around The Base!  Nothing better than shopping and getting your exercise right? 😊

I can't believe my LUCK!  It's like, every time I go shopping I hit a SALE.

ABOVE:  I found where I'd seen those lovely soft slippers, Bed, Bath and Beyond.  And again, SALE.

ABOVE:  I decided to get socks and slippers, to see what works best.  Might have got Stew some too.  They say there are 'One Size Fits All'... so we shall see.

ABOVE:  Well... me feet are warmer.  But not too hot.  Wondering if I should have not worn my 'regular' socks under them?  Hmmm, will try that next.

4 pm:  I'm about to start dinner.

ABOVE:  We shall be having an delicious Beef 'n' Bacon stew, with veges.  

Dinner is done.  Warm socks are on Stew's feet, and he likes them.
Time to sit back and watch Coronation Street ... then bed.


  1. Those calves are cuties. Warm slippers are so comfy in the house, I bought some that are called sock slippers, nice soft linings and I wash them in the washing machine.

  2. Morning mum! Yeah I think I’m in the market for some slippers too… my daughter has stolen my onesie gah 😂

  3. I have slipper thongs - they’re great because they somehow keep your feet all warm but don’t get overly hot because your toes can breathe.

  4. I have a whole basket full of slipper socks, they have non slip soles and are great for in the house, I have varying thicknesses, some warmer than the others. I got most of mine from Big W (Woolies). Calves are so cute.

  5. Love the calves. Glad Lacy is enjoying herself.
    I loved my ugg boots - until the puppies got to one and dragged it through the mud after chewing the fluffy bits and the button. So I ordered myself a pair of ugg slippers and told them they had to pay for them out of their bone money.
    Slipper socks are a great idea but I forget I have them on and go into the garden (see bloody puppies comment above) and then they get soaked and my feet get gold. First world problem!!

  6. I found those socks even with no slip botoms slippery on my floors so gone back to slippers. But its my ankles that get cold...did u see the news article about the calf inside to keep it warm had nappies on lol

  7. I love my cozies. My feet stay warm without getting sweaty.

  8. I need some is those, I hate my feet being cold. You’ve been going great with the walks, I hope they are helping you feel a bit more positive with all you have had going on. I’m currently under a doona watching tv being totally lazy. I really need to get up and go get something to cook for dinner…. I’ll give myself 15 more minutes 🤣

  9. Love beef and bacon ✔️
    I think we are having leftover corned silverside

  10. Ohhhh I have similar socks but not as fluffy, thong slippers lol that’s a new one on me.
    Cute calves they mostly bouncy little doofus bodies
    Be a ripper frost tonight I can feel it in me bones!

  11. I have those type of ones aswell, they are blue and nice… when daughter hasn’t got them lol.

  12. We are flopping weather, so hot here and you're freezing!


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