Friday, June 18, 2021


 I'm determined to get all the entrance wallpaper off today.

It's been a lot more work than I expected... it's such a small space really.  But, that damn paper is a right shit to get off.

I might have got it finished yesterday, except I felt dizzy on the step ladder, and thought it was prudent to get down. πŸ˜πŸ˜–

Better luck today eh.

ABOVE: Our pretty sunset last night.  It's so neat, every evening I look outside and see a different sunset... almost always beautiful.

Not sure what else I have on my agenda today... not much really.

We have kids this weekend, so Stew is bringing home a few 'kid friendly' groceries tonight.  Like bread, biscuits and so on.  My job is to make sure Stew and I don't have any!

The one thing I really hate about changing our eating patterns is that it dominates my thoughts.  I'm always thinking of what we can have, what we can't have and so on.  All day long... food on the brain.

Not much fun.  Hopefully once I've got a handle on meals, it will get easier and more routine.

OK... I'm off to start my day.

11.45 am:  I'm tired.  I've been stripping wallpaper for a few hours.  And I've still not finished the entrance.  There's a big mirror on the wall that I'm too scared to try and remove, in case I drop it.  So, until that's taken down, I can't finish that area.

But, soon I will move onto the front bedroom.  There's always another wall waiting!

It's a really dreary day today, we started with fog and now it's just overcast and miserable.  Very wet out there.  Not going walking today either, I have ZERO energy.

ABOVE:  A 'panoramic' view of the entrance.  All done except behind the mirror... and I've cleaned up and washed the floor too.
Feeling like I got something done today!
Not sure if I will start on the front bedroom or not.  As it's almost 2 pm I might stop for some lunch.

I moved shit.

ABOVE:  I took the Credenza that was under the mirror at the entrance, and put it in the dining room.  It's got all the tablecloths and doilies etc in it.

ABOVE:  That little unit was just to the right as you came through the front door.  Now that area is less cluttered I feel.
Let's see what Stew thinks.  😊

Hmmm.... I might have thought of something else to put there...

ABOVE: Now that's better!  Now there's somewhere to put shoes.

Yes, Stew likes what I did at the entrance.  So, that's 'done' until we get it prepared for painting.

A quiet evening ahead, no plans except put our feet up and watch some telly.
Catch ya tomorrow, when I have a question for you.  


  1. Send any leftovers home with others. Try to buy only what you will need for them, not massive excess. I make/buy baked typed things so they all get one and they are gone. I will say - there is enough for one each and they know. In my family, they only want/need one small thing, not excess.

    Regularly stock your house with what you can eat, then you do not have to think “what in the whole wide world do I want to eat?”, instead you just eat what you have safely stocked. It takes all the “thought” out of it for me.

  2. I always do better if I make a menu for the week (but can mix up days) just so I know what we have as options. I really need to get back to that.

  3. Anonymous8:12 AM

    OK. So that book I mentioned previously, The Metabolism Miracle? There's an updated version that talks in depth and very clearly about diabetes. If you are interested, that would be the one to get and to follow. The Diabetes Miracle, Dianne Kress. She's been there, she's done that, she's a professional nutritionist and she knows her stuff. And I can personally attest that she's onto something because her plan is working for me where everything else stopped and my last blood tests put me right in the cross hairs of being pre-diabetic. The rules are few, they're simple and easy to follow, and there is very little 'thinking' involved. You don't need to obsess about anything. You have to adjust your lifestyle a bit, but it's not that hard and bottom line, it works.

    1. I downloaded this from our local library and it's basically a low carb/keto kind of diet. I didn't find anything different to what I'd been doing on low carb but I did like that she explains the belly fat and reasoning behind why some people get diabetes etc. It's a good solid base to learn from but I prefer no structure or counting of carbs. Still worth a read though!

  4. I hate the beginning stage of any diet when all you think about is food! I do find though that by simply limiting the choices (ie, not allowing a little of this or that like on WW) then it is easier. If you make more foods suitable for everyone to eat instead of food for the kids and food for you then it gets easier. When the boys are here they basically eat what we do. For example everyone loves nachos so we have either less corn chips with ours or have ours on diced iceberg lettuce (really good by the way). The only 'treats' we have for the boys is bars or fruit and cheese etc so no problem there.

    I also bake for them but it's always low carb stuff that I can eat too. The low carb brownie recipe I make always goes down a treat and we have that for dessert with whipped cream. I suppose we've just done this for so long that it's easy for us so hopefully you'll get to that stage as well.

  5. I constantly think about food, I’m already planning my next snack etc. I hate it! I’ve been on a diet my whole life. I’m actually over it and I don’t know the answer on how to stop that. I’m an addict I guess.

  6. Start meal planning weekly, once you have a list of what you are going to eat and when, you don't have to think about it. Just check the list & prepare & cook accordingly. Start getting the kids used to eating what you eat so you don't have the temptations in the house.

  7. Anonymous11:16 AM

    As Type 2 diabetes tends to run in families, then perhaps you would be doing the grandchildren a favour by doing what people have suggested, having healthy low-carb and sugar free snacks in the house so that you and Stew aren't tempted. Audrey

  8. Great effort with the front entrance

  9. Kiwionholidays5:35 PM

    Love the front entrance too ,,
    So pretty n plenty of space,,

    Love that you do changes as you do that way never get in to a rut πŸ’πŸŽΈπŸ•ΊπŸΏ☕️
    Have a fab weekend with all the crew there, having the same sort of meetup here with ones who live away,,,, close to the sea ,,so all good

  10. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Love what you've done Chris. Beautiful stuff. Kj

  11. Great work on the front entrance. Have a lovely weekend with the kids.

  12. is a great resource for LC recipes. Tons of recipes.


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