Monday, June 28, 2021


 I've got an important job today.

I'm going out to look at carpet.

I've been reading up on what to look for and why.

At the moment I'm open to most types of carpet, considering the many variables available.

It's a huge decision, and one I don't want to get wrong. 

So, I will be visiting 3-4 different carpet retailers here in Hamilton today.

Wish me luck!  Not that I will be making a firm choice today.  I want to narrow down my choices, then get Stew's input as well.  (of course!)

PAINT:  that's another thing I must narrow down!  I had been looking at using Valspar, which is a primer and paint ALL IN ONE.  But as we are now having to use a 'proper' oil based primer, before plastering and painting, there is no point using Valspar.

So, I will be getting samples of paint today as well.

Looks like I'm gunna be all over town today.  Busy as.  Which I love.  I just hope it's not pissing down with rain.

The last few days have been bloody miserable.  So wet and cold.  😨😩😟

Right, I'm off to start me day.  

12.41 pm:  Home.  Feeling a bit dejected.
Cos while there seems to be plenty of choice when it comes to carpet, when you narrow it down to brands/materials ... there isn't that much to choose from after all.

I went to Carpet Mill.  The lady only seemed interested in showing me ONE type of carpet.  Her 'recommendation'.  

ABOVE: And basically, you could go for this weight at this price, or more weight for more cost.  And these were the colours.
I was uninspired by every single one of them.
They were utterly boring.
Now I don't want a loud, colourful carpet, but really?  

ABOVE: Next was Carpet Court.  Where I fell in love with a carpet which was NOTHING like what I wanted!
It's Wool.  It's a loop pile.  Both things I had no intention of getting.
So now I'm at a loss what to do.

ABOVE:  I brought a few samples home.  The carpet I really like is the lightest one in that photo.
Wool - not so stain resistant.
Loop pile - can catch on dogs paws, loops break etc.  😫😪

So.  Just feeling dejected.

I think I will have to go out again and look some more.

Guthrie Bowron was next door to Carpet Court, so I got a couple of paint samples while there.  Not pure white, more warmish white.  

7.10 pm:  Well ... I had a quiet afternoon.  Did bugger all really.
Stew arrived home and I fed him sausages in a Sweet 'n' Sticky sauce and a mix of cauliflower and broccoli rice and red onions.  He loved it.
A quiet evening ahead.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Well - you have plenty of big decisions to make! Bring home carpet samples and dump stuff like dog hair on them and then vacuum it up. To test it's real world livability.

  2. There you go getting those ducks all lined up again. X

  3. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Good idea to avoid the paint and primer all-in-one product. Friends of mine used a product like this to paint one wall as a "feature" in their home, ended up having to put 4 or 5 coats on to get proper coverage.

    Happy Carpet Researching!

    A Fan in Canada

  4. I've read the comments about static in synthetic carpet, that's never happened to us, ever. Another major plus for us was the ease of cleaning up a spill. I dropped an entire jar or black cream shoe polish on my new carpet and not only did it all come out but there is no mark at all from rubbing. With the wool carpet we had there was always a mark where we had cleaned it. I'm sure there are better synthetics than others too but we are 100% happy with ours.

  5. I just read your comment about paint? All professionals have their favourite so I suspect it won't be your choice. Go with what they use.

  6. Exciting times for you. Like Lynda said, the modern synthetics don't produce static (the original ones were nylon - ICK) and clean so much better than wool. With the number of small people who visit and the dawgs I would go for something that cleans well.

  7. I really like the middle grey sample. It would like great with light colored walls.

  8. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I was convinced I wanted wool & plush carpet, then I felt it & it was coarse & not very soft!!! I feel your pain! But I do know that I want a charcoal grey :-) haven't ordered yet either.............

  9. That carpet looks very much like ours. I think ours has wool in it. It is also loop. But it is tight. My Collie has a 5 minute Zoomies episode a few times a week. I mean full on, running, skidding, yipping, popping wheelies. And the carpet still looks fine. I think it may be Karastan Brand.

  10. Big decisions to make and I can see you lining all those ducks up. I'm sure with all the research you do you and Stew will eventually make your choices.

  11. For someone who moves their furniture as often as you like to do I do wonder if carpet would be a huge mistake. Personally hard flooring and large rugs would be more practical.

  12. I used Harrison's carpet. They bring their van to your place. But like you have said, there really isn't that much to choose from once you narrow it down. The underlay is as important, if not more important than the carpet in my opinion if you want it to feel plush under your feet.

  13. Our walls were alreday painted but some of the walls had been fully replaced with gib and plastered. I choose Resene Black white. I like it. A nice blank canvas to put pictures up on.

  14. WOW! You've had a super busy weekend of hard work. Hope you find a carpet that you like.


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