Thursday, June 03, 2021


 Yesterday was a big day for our grandson Liam. He had a Divergent Squint in both eyes, which was FINALLY surgically fixed.

Exotropia, or divergent squint, refers to an eye that turns or diverges outwards. Exotropia may occur from time to time (intermittent exotropia) or may be constant. You may only notice one particular eye drifting out, or it may be either eye that deviates, known as an alternating exotropia.

Above is an explanation of his condition.

He will be seen by the specialist in a couple of weeks to check his progress.

ABOVE:  Sleeping like a baby after his surgery.

ABOVE:  I hope the bleeding has stopped this morning!  

As the surgery was done 'inside' his eyelids, there's no stitches to worry about.  

Amanda said they are expecting lots of bruising... you can already see some along the top of his upper eyelashes.

Poor little man, I hope he isn't in too much pain today.  

I hope for good reports during the day on how he's doing.

As for what I'm up to today?  Dunno.  I have no plans.  The floors need washing, so I might do that.  Yaaa... now I have plans I suppose.

9.30 am and well... I haven't mustered up the energy to get a move on yet.  The floors ... well they ain't going anywhere are they?
I know once I decide to do them, it won't be JUST washing the floors that I will have to do.  

It will be all the sweeping and vacuuming, moving stuff off the floors and so on.  And then I will have to clean the bathrooms as we have visitors this weekend.
One thing just spirals into another eh? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜•

ABOVE:  Morning report on this little guy.  Puffy eyes, no major bruising yet.  His big sister, Emily, gave him a care basket.  How gorgeous.

11 am:  The friggin floors are clean.  Still have to do the vacuuming, and clean the bathrooms.  But, now waiting for floors to dry.  And that might take a while cos it's not exactly warm.

Which is good cos my back is not liking all the bending down.  I can sit and watch something on Netflix for half an hour.  I'm actually watching 'How To Get Away With Murder'.  Absolutely loving it.

1 pm: Faaarrrrk!  How on earth did I do all the vacuuming, ALL THE TIME, with my Kirby?
It's exhausting using it.  I've done probably 1/4 of the house and I'm done.
OH, before you ask:   I'm using the Kirby cos I wanted to do a deep vacuum, not a quick, surface vacuum.
But I think I will have to stop cos I'm just done in.

The floors are STILL wet in the bathrooms ... so they will have to wait too.

Well... finally got all the floors washed and vacuumed.  The bathrooms are clean.  My job is done.
House smells lovely.
Stew will be home a bit later with our dinner.
Takeaways... Chinese something or other.

8.50 pm:  Stew arrived home all flustered tonight.
His car is making an horrendous noise ... so it will be off to the garage sometime tomorrow.
Time to wrap up the day.   
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Bless his little heart. I had never heard of that condition before. I hope all goes well for Liam and I send quick healing wishes his way! Ky Girl

  2. Poor little guy. He is going to have a couple of black eyes but hopefully it's not very painful for him. Fingers crossed the surgery has been a success.

  3. Oh gosh - I knew what you were talking about once I read the description; I have seen the issue but didn't know what it was called. I hope little guy doesn't have too much pain and heals fast and well!

  4. Loads of huggs and kisses for you Liam xxxx
    #Lacy ๐Ÿ’™

  5. Wishing wee Liam a speedy recovery :-).

    I liked the first couple of seasons of How To Get Away With Murder but I got to the point where it just dragged on & got silly, I find that with quite a few series, the first one or two are great but instead of quitting while they are ahead, they just become stupid in my opinion.

  6. That's a pretty impressive care basket!! Lucky Liam xx

  7. What a lovly parcel from big sis Liam

  8. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Poor wee Liam. He looks pretty happy after only 1 day post op so thats a good sign. My grand daughter has the same in one eye so we're hoping it will right itself befores she's two. Fingers crossed. KarenAK

  9. Love it when you tell us what you are watching on Netflix as we have similar taste. Unfortunately I have seen that one

  10. my 10 year old Corbin has had 2 surgeries on his eyes.... it's a tough one. Hopefully Liam recovers well and it's all fixed. Thinking of him and his family: I know what it's like.

  11. Poor little kid! But the end result will be so worth it and kids are super resilient so I’m sure he will bounce back quickly. How nice of his sister to give him a care package :)

  12. We have had our Kirby about 15 or more years and I'm over it. It's so big and heavy. So I use it only for the rugs and carpet and just sweep the rest of the floors.

  13. Hugs to Liam ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™ looking forward to the long weekend YIPPEE ๐Ÿค—

  14. Liam is looking really good! It looks like he is resting well, and healing nicely.
    Might be time to retire the Kirby and get a lighter weight strong vacuum, for days when the little stick just won't do!

  15. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Do you use boiling water for mopping as it dries quicker

    1. Yes I do... but my mop was very wet.

  16. Wishing Liam well for his recovery ... pretty scary surgery for anyone I'd imagine. Emily's care basket is so lovely to see ... it's awesome seeing sibling support - great stuff Emily! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  17. My sister didn’t get her eye surgery for her son now 36 and she regrets it he is a handsome man but a very wonky” eye.
    Impressive care basket.
    Will be nice your house full to the brim of family and kids

  18. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Gosh, hope Liam's surgery is a success and he recovers well. We were binge watching How to get away with murder duribg lockdown - think we are at Season 3 - and found it gripping, but like others have mentioned I'm not sure how much more they can spin it out and I was starting to lose interest. Now it's tourist season for us and too busy for tv so might have forgotten who died by the time we get back to it !
    Jane G

  19. Hope its only a stone stew has picked up in his car good luck at mechanic not a great start to his long weekend

  20. Get well soon Liam. Have fun with your visitors.

  21. Poor little guy...hope he heals up quickly!

  22. I wish Liam all the best! He will be in my prayers.
    I've been thinking about you lately.


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