Wednesday, June 09, 2021


 How about... card night photos?

I totally forgot to post them last night.

ABOVE:  Well... Susan D and I won, and Roslyn (in front) was our loser.  But never mind, she got consolation kisses from her darling dog, Oscar!
Oscar was just a delight, lots of loves.  
He's only about 16 months old, so just a baby still.  A big baby, full of playful energy.

Now, what am I up to today?  I have no bloody idea!
The house is spic 'n' span.  
I have no motivation to sew or paint.
I might strip more wall paper?
But in actual fact, I am not motivated to do a damn thing!
I haven't been for months really.
I've been faking it ... hoping I'd snap out of my funk.
Ain't happening.
I might just stay in bed a bit longer, then get up and see what the day brings.

4.15 pm.

- I went for a walk this morning, and ran into a lady I had met at Weight Watchers a couple of years ago.  So we went back to her home and had morning tea and a good long chat.

It was lovely!

- When I got home again I did some more washing, and then some ironing. 

- Lunchtime.  Watched some true crime stories on YouTube.


Thinking about sorting out dinner.  I've got out some sausages, and might do something with them.

ABOVE:  I'm giving this stuff a go.  I don't think I've ever done curried sausages before.  Didn't want to try making me own sauce... I'd probably stuff it up.

And yep, mashed potatoes on the side will be lovely.

ABOVE:  And the verdict is?  Mild, but I liked it.  Stew would have probably liked it stronger.  I'll certainly use that sauce again.

10.45 pm:  Well another day done and dusted.  Don't feel like I accomplished much today.  But then, getting out of bed is an accomplishment some days!  😂😅😆


  1. You need to give yourself permission to have some down time. The past year has been a rough one. Some things are universally stressful and scary like the Pandemic, your Mom passed, you had to go through hell and back to see her and get back home again, plus you clearly have other stressors in your life. Any ONE of those things would be a reason for feeling down - give yourself a break. Sit down, watch shows, puzzle, cry, or throw popcorn to the dogs.... . You do not have to sew, or paint, or vacuum..... Just Be.

  2. I agree with Dogstar, if you don't feel like doing anything, then don't. It is your body & mind's way of telling you to have a day off from everything & everyone.

    Also, knowing you, your next update will list about 10 things you have done this morning because you cannot just relax. You have probably rearranged 2 rooms at the very least :-).

  3. It's definitely a day to stay in bed. Enjoy some down time.

  4. Hope your day has been fulled with lots of fun and excitement

  5. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Chris, you are very good at realizing you have reached your limit and that you need to rest. I think that is very healthy. Take care of yourself, you have a lot of people who love you. Ky Girl

  6. Cold and wet here so perfect weather for curried sausages and mash

  7. It’s been cold here all day. Temperature has hovered around 12 but so windy that the feels like temperature hasn’t got above 1.0. Not ideal when you 1.5 hours work outside and 1.15 work inside at 6am ( at least the heaters are left on overnight and I may have turned them up a fraction 😉)

  8. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I love curried sausagesbut can never get the curry part right. Let us know what it was like. Kj

  9. Kiwionholidays7:08 PM

    Sometimes you need a day or days to snuggle down and relax,
    Agree with the others comments,
    Why as Mums do we put ourselves last..??
    Those who love us don’t expect it so please take care

    We get Barkers Jam and lemon curd, here all the time it’s usually on special at woolies for $4 ,,
    Can’t get that curried sausage one at our local
    Would love to know what you ones think of it

    Enjoy your evening
    Cheers 🥂

  10. Kiwionholidays8:44 PM

    Cheers 🥂

  11. Rest whenever you need and do so without guilt! You always work hard. I love curried sausages and so do our boys. To make it a bit creamier you can add a couple of tablespoons of thickened cream, and a bit more curry powder to spice it up :)

  12. OMG my favourite dinner curried sausages and mash!

  13. Always nice to have a good chin wag with a friend. Hope your spirits lift. Take care.


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