Tuesday, June 29, 2021


 The dogs stink.  Like really bad.

So Lacy is coming over today to give them a bath for me.

So thankful as all the bending required kills my back.

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook yesterday and it really  made me laugh.

You can spend HOURS on Facebook just looking and reading funny things!  I try not to, but sometimes.... 😆😅😂.

After Lacy has been, I will go and exchange some more carpet samples.  Probably go a bit lighter than the dark grey and brown.

AND not go for wool.  I think we are going with Solution Dyed Nylon.  Mostly for durability.

As for the paint, we are going with a particular retailer, as we can get a good discount through the person who is going to do the prep and painting for us.

And that's about it for now.

12.25 pm:  Well an excellent morning!

Lacy arrived, groomed and bathed the dogs for me:

ABOVE:  Doing an awesome job there Lacy. 😊

ABOVE:  I'm pretty sure she's having 'a bad hair day'!  lol

After she left, I took off to town to get more carpet samples.

ABOVE:  I am leaning towards more earthy tones, to match our furniture/furnishings and paintings, and the colour that will be on the walls.

Now... LUNCH.

And....... lol.  Another quiet afternoon!  Too cold to do much.  Enjoyed my lunch of teriyaki chicken.  Stew is getting his for dinner, with cauliflower rice and veges.

9.32 pm:  Well... just another quiet evening here.  Bloody cold as F.  But, it's the same everywhere right now!
I'm so relieved I'm not further south, where they are getting hammered with a freezing cold Artic Blast!
Hopefully the storm passes and no one is hurt.

Catch you tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like good choices all round. Don't go for that light cream colour you showed yesterday... for your house I'd suggest what we have a biscuit/grey type colour (not a harsh cold grey). I won't show light dirt or dark marks. My last carpet I was forever cleaning spots and to be honest I've not cleaned a single spot on this and we've had it for over two years. One point that I've already said, get one that is not a high pile as it will 'track'. Get a dense lower pile and it will look great for years!

  2. Haha, really love that hybrid cow :))

  3. I like the two top samples 😊

  4. Love the cow, might pinch it for my own FB page. I think Lacy's hair looks lovely. I am watching the carpet dilemma with interest. I am torn between tearing ours up and replacing it just in the bedrooms here. Our carpet is a horrible colour and God only knows what is underneath it, it seems to gather a new stain every day.

  5. Leeann2:01 PM

    The two centre carpets are nice. But I think you should wait until the walls are painted and then choose.

  6. I like the messy haired Lacy Look.

  7. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Hi maybe with the dogs you should get floating floorboards or even the pretend vinyl ones, they look so real and are easy to clean with animals...then just have rugs...I have spotted gum floorboards through our whole house except for the TV room with has the commercial carpet that looks fantastic and as good as new when it was laid ten years ago..


  8. I like the top 2 samples aswell

  9. Wish I had a Lacy to groom and wash my pup. Im off sick with a respiratory infection and have no energy at all. Thankfully he is not too bad and is due a grooming next week.

  10. I was frozen today too. Sat under a blanket with the heater and still couldn’t get warm


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