Tuesday, June 22, 2021


 My plans for today are to just relax and enjoy the day.

I got so much accomplished yesterday, such a good feeling.

If I am inclined, I might strip some more wallpaper, as I can finally almost see an end to it!

After I finish the front bedroom I only have my room left.  Awesome.

OMG what am I saying?

After all the paper is off, I then have to paint pigment sealer on EVERY SINGLE WALL!

Only then can I get a professional in to prep the walls for actual PAINT.  Bloody hell!

I'm not going to be bored any time soon am I?

ABOVE:  I moved the tea trolley into the sun room.  It seems OK there, doubles as a coffee table.

ABOVE:  I love this space.  Thank goodness there is nothing needing stripping or painting in here.

12.50 pm:  And yes!  So far today has been wonderful.
I got a visit from Lacy:

ABOVE: Coco did her usual thing and jumped in her car.
Coco jumps in everyone and anyone's car!  She just loves going out and about.

So, after yakking for a while, we decided to head off to the mall.  Chartwell Square for a change.

I'd seen some rather nice sneakers online, so ended up buying them.

ABOVE: They are VERY similar to a pair I already have, which I thrash and wear ALL THE TIME.  So these are my back up's.  I'm not smitten with the lips on the heel, but I love the heart.

It's an incredibly gorgeous winter's day today.  We've had so much rain lately, it's lovely to have such a nice day for a change.

Lacy and I visited Bex on our way home from the mall... poor girl was in the shower!  Hee heee.
She opened the door dripping wet, wrapped in a towel.  First thing she said was "NO PHOTOS!".
Can't think why?  

5.05 pm:  And after a couple of quiet hours on my own this afternoon, I was visited by Steve, Bex and the boys.
Steve measured up my walls for a quote from a plasterer/painter for me.
So sheesh, I better get on and get the stripping finished!

As they left, Coco did her usual thing, and tried to leave in their car.  So, I let the girls go to theirs for a play date.
I'm about to go and pick them up!  lol

ABOVE:  Well the girls had a wonderful time visiting the kids, and getting fed tidbits of cheese from Steve.
The boys were all on the trampoline having fun when I arrived, while Bex was cooking dinner.
I stayed for a happy half an hour before heading home.
Now the girls are sprawled out on the floor, exhausted! 

Tonight's dinner is going to be left over sausages and potato wedges, with sour cream.
There's only so many nights you can have cauliflower rice before you need to have something different. 
And as my Dr said, potato once a week is just fine.

So, dinner was just lovely.  We both enjoyed having potato!  Sad gits.
Now, just watching TV before bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Are you going to have professional paint the place? I thought you painted yourself at the last house. Is "pigment sealer" what I would know as "primer"?

    1. We plan on doing the painting ourselves, unless it's not TOO EXPENSIVE to get a professional to do it.

    2. Yes, pigment sealer is also known as primer.

  2. Anonymous10:04 AM

    I don't know a lot about painting interior walls but am curious as to why you would apply paint sealer before the walls are professionally prepped. What will they be doing that the sealer/primer won't do? Audrey

    1. Because the walls have only ever had 1 layer of wallpaper on them, and because the paper leaves glue on the walls, it has to be sealed before the walls can be skimmed, and any defects plastered up. Once that is done, we can paint the final coat.

  3. Haha, Bex knows you so well - not "Hello" but "No photos" :-)

    1. Definitely or the bloody camera would of been out I was suprised it wasn't to be honest 🤣🤣

    2. Lol nah just me peeping thro your lounge window to give Ma a heads up as to when you were coming, thought she was gona try do the 'boo' thing when ya opened the door....but she didnt 😂 shes slacking today, she couldn't even find the $20 lol 😂
      #Lacy 💙

  4. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Your comment "sad gits" really made me laugh...sounds like my husband and I...lol


  5. I'd totally pay someone to paint. I hate it!

    Love that the dogs got to go have a play date haha


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