Tuesday, June 15, 2021


 The story of my life.

Yo-yo dieting.

Exercise ... then none.

Motivated... then not.


But.  Today I will start again.

First up, I shall go out and find a book on KETO, and/or VLC diets.

And don't worry, the lolly box is safe.  I have no desire to eat any of them.

My new doctor has prescribed me a new diabetes medication, to take with Metformin.  So, a new regime.  He said there was no way he wanted to put me on insulin!

That surprised me.  But we all know, if I start insulin, I'll never get off it.

Same with Stew.  He doesn't want to go on it either.

So, here we go again.

Next. I'm going to do some more wallpaper stripping.  There is still so much to do!  I hadn't realised how much in fact.  😓😔😕

I think I will work on the front door area, then the first spare bedroom.

11 am:  And I've made a start on the entrance:

ABOVE:  not much done yet... I had to stop because I had the shakes really bad.
See, I have not eaten since mid afternoon yesterday.  So, I'm stopping to have an early lunch.  Left over pork chop and salad.

5.20 pm:  Well I've had a busy afternoon.  After my lunch I went for a walk... 40 minutes around the block.
Then home, did some more paper stripping.

Then I got visitors.

ABOVE:  There's so many in my family that can't just 'SMILE'!  So, Liam's doing well post surgery.   He still has one blood shot eye, but it's getting better.

ABOVE:  A better one.
I fed him and his sister, Emily, lollies.
They are going home all amped up!  😆😅😂

ABOVE:  Miss Emily.  She's a really lovely kid.

ABOVE:  Mad, loud leggings today.  Nice for a change.

10 pm:  Well, first day done.  Food was spot on.  Feeling happy.  A bit hungry, but it's only the first day, I'll get used to it.


  1. Intermittent fasting is your friend. Try a VLCD program like optislim for a week to start and then move to a keto plan. I’ve just done optislim for two weeks and lost 8kgs. It’s not sustainable, however it’s a great fresh start and now I will move back to an app called Ultimate value diary which is 10.00 per month and the entire WW plans for 1/4 of the price and itrack bites is another WW app knock off that has a keto section. You and your hubby have totally got this!!

  2. Wellllll..... I joined weight watchers today. I took advantage of that 60% off deal and have joined for 6 months. It is 4:30 in the afternoon and I only have 8 points left. I had a cookie with 160 calories and that was 7 points. Does that even seem right? And one slice of bread was 2 points, but 2 slices are 5 points. Is it cheating if I call that 4? So, I am joining you on the Yo-Yo. I am thinking of doing 15 minutes of yoga, but guess what I am doing instead? Reading YOUR blog! HAHA. Good Luck to us!

  3. Keto/ low carb really is the way to go. I took my husbands BGL a few weeks ago - 11.4 mmol. 😳 he went straight onto keto,( he’s been about 85% compliant,) and within a month his sugars are around 6 mmol. If you haven’t already, have a look at Diet Doctor. There’s a heap of recipes and lots and lots of videos, motivational stories and information. I find the videos by Dr Jason Fung particularly helpful. He has also written a good book called the Obesity Code which is worth a read.

  4. I am with you babe! I need to get my sugars and carbs under control to sort out health issues & and help hubby with his diabetes.
    I am going to follow The Fast 800 By: Dr Michael Mosle
    It is based on science and lots of medical trials, it involves a Mediterranean style of eating and intermittent fasting.
    It is recommended by the British Health System because it has such proven record with diabetics.
    I got my at the local book shop.

  5. Young lady that not eating shit has got to stop

  6. Chris you can do this. There has to be the right time to do it and continue and this may be the time. A friend has started the Fast 800 as Sandie comments on and it is working well. Worth looking into it.

  7. I am another convert to The Fast 800. I would suggest buying the books and following his recipes. It's not enough to just eat 800 cals a day as you get hangry and don't get enough nutrition. I have lost nearly 15kgs on it. Took a break and have only gained one back. Am now in the process of easing back into intermittent fasting (12.30ish to 9ish) and cutting back the carbs (sneaky little buggers crop up everywhere). On Saturday I shall dive back into the full F800 and am really looking forward to it.
    Whatever you choose to do I'm sure will work for you. The last thing either of you need are diabetic complications.

  8. Anonymous4:08 PM

    They put white wallpaper up? Why didn't they just paint it white derr

  9. You need to find what works for you BUT you need to eat regularly to stop your blood sugars having hissy fits. There is no point in eating stuff you do not like, you will be miserable and it won't last.

    One thing I learned from a retreat I did last year is "protein with every meal and snack and no carbs after 3pm". Unfortunately they also did not advocate chocolate & wine after 7pm lol.

    I do find if I make sure I eat properly I feel better & have more energy and am less likely to have that mid afternoon slump where I will eat anything and everything to get some energy.

  10. I would recommend that you and Stew go to see a Dietician who specialises in Diabetes 2 rather than depriving yourself of foods that you like and will be able to eat in moderation. You will have expert guidance and not be wondering what and how much to eat of all foods.

    1. Absolutely agree with this Magpie. There would be no guessing then. Diabetes is a complex medical condition with dire complications if not treated properly abd permanently. It’s a no brainer really 🤷‍♀️

  11. I have no diet advice but I just want to wish you well in what way if eating works for you and your doctor. You’re off to a great start. It will get easier with time. Just don’t beat yourself up too much xxx Love the leggings 😍

  12. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Highly recommend a book called The Metabolism Miracle (revised edition) by Dianne Kress. Deals specifically with people who are on the diabetes spectrum (meaning carb intolerant) You can order from Bookdepository. I have diabetes in my family and it's the only process and in depth discussion that has worked for me.

  13. Chris- I'm also back and forth with the struggle of losing weight. Just wanted you to know that my doctor recommended a book called "Atomic Habits". It tackles the problem of getting your brain to think differently about old habits. It's a best seller over here in the U.S., so I ordered it. Anything to get me on the right track!

  14. Take care and good luck. You can do it.

  15. Good luck in finding the right "diet" to suit you and Stew. Just don't deprive yourself though. Keto I did enjoy.
    I sent you a email.

  16. Liam looks good! Do they know if the surgery was a success and fixed whatever needed fixing?
    I too made it thru my first day of WW. Even though I only had 8 points left by noon. I had chicken (grilled) and "free" veggies for dinner.

  17. I know I don't have to lecture you, but as a diabetic you must remember to eat regularly, even if it's just a piece of fruit. Take care xx


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