Monday, May 31, 2021


SO... all weekend I've been freezing.

We turned the heat pump on a few times cos it really was that cold.

Last night.  I'm sitting in me chair, thinking about turning the heat on again, cos it had really cooled down ... when I remembered this:

ABOVE:  So I go get it, and put it on.

INSTANTLY WARM!  Like, the second I put the hood on... I felt so much better.

Amazing.  If you feel the cold... go get yourself an Oodie!

If you can find one that is.  Last time we looked the shops had none.  You can probably still buy them online. 

If the price seems cheap... it's not an Oodie by the way.

Gee I think that's one of the few times I've endorsed a product quite to thoroughly. 😊💜💛💙💗

Today is my traditional 'do the housework' day.

There's a good deal of vacuming to do, and one small load of washing.

And that's about all really.  

So, until later in the day... 

I might have a poached egg and baked beans on toast for breakfast!  Cos it's cold.  Makes sense right?  😂😅😆

Yaaa for a sunny day.  I've got the heater on, as I'm not waddling around the house in layers and layers of clothes!
Done the washing.  Just thinking of hanging it outside or not?
It's COLD out there, even though the sun is shining.  And the forecast is for rain.  Booo.
Might just hang it on racks inside.

Gunna go out shortly too... got a parcel to post off to Ron.  He's doing OK, just terribly lonely.  To be expected.  Him and Mum were together for 16 years, virtually never apart.  

I wish I could go over and keep him company for a week or two, but with the virus situation on-going, I don't want to risk getting trapped over there for an extended period of time.

It's way too much of a changing situation right now.  It just never ends does it?

3 pm:  Very surprised... it's stayed nice and fine today.  So, I took myself out for a walk around the neighbourhood.  Stopped and chatted with a couple of lovely people in their yards doing gardening.
Gee this is such a lovely area we live in!

I got a good deal of housework done too.  So a good day.  

I'm going to be cooking chicken pieces for dinner... not sure what I'll accompany them with yet.  Probably just veges.  🐥🐤🐥

I decided late in the afternoon to go for another walk!

ABOVE:  I walked over to Steve and Bex's.  By the time I was home again, it was almost dark.

ABOVE:  They were eating dinner, which was Pumpkin and Bacon Soup.  I was chuffed to see them using their bowl cosy's.

Anyway... that's about it from me.  I better get dinner started, Stew will be home in 15 minutes!  Whoops.

Well, dinner was good, and now it's chill out time ... watching some mindless Tv as per usual.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. You make me laugh when you say "we turned the heat pump on a few times". I leave mine as needed, sometimes a few hours and other times all day and into the evening. I put a sleep timer on so it turns off a couple of hours after we go to sleep. Ours is a ducted system so heats the entire house within minutes. If you ever could afford it I'd 100% recommend getting a ducted system as it also cools in the summer which is when we use it most. It really doesn't cost much in electricity so I'm not sure why you hesitate when it's cold.

  2. Kiwionholidays9:48 AM

    Love the Oodie
    What a stunning colour on you as well.

    Sometimes we need to be snuggled up like that too, it works in more ways than one.

    We prefer that when we can ,compared to artificially heated places ,,,due to asthma ,,,but having said that where we are atm
    Has milder winters than at home ,

    Enjoy the day n stay dry n safe , A new week n nearly a new month as well,,
    Time flies when you’re having fun they say ☕️🥧🥗
    Cheers 🥂

  3. We have our heat pump on a timer too. It comes on at 5.30 so it’s warm when we get up about 6.30. And then turns on at 5 and off at 10.30. Cause turning it off and on all the time doesn’t do any good cause it takes a while for it to be able to heat the space.
    Our one at work in an a timer and it is on auto so keeps the space at a constant heat.

  4. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Hi we have very cold weather over here it was -2 last night, we have electric ducted heating /cooling through the house our heating is on 24/7. in winter.


  5. You make beautiful marshmallow...we not so much cold as WET roads flooded bridges washed away. My heat pump been on since i moved in....not had power bill yet

  6. Bloody cold in Melbourne, too. I turn the heating off at night and sleep with the balcony door open!! I love being snuggled up under the doona.

  7. How the sunroom coping under the rain? I’m having a chillax day reading in bed! Rare day off

    1. It hasn't rained today... yet! Enjoy your day off.

  8. I bought a "fake" Oodie today. It has splendid reviews. I did look for a real Oodie first. I could get one on eBay for about $130 shipped from Australia. So, I opted for the fake one! I wish I had it right now. A nasty storm came through and now it is chilly!

  9. It was bitterly cold here today with major frost and you know how often you get a frost when living on the coast. Heater/ heat pump went on at 5am then when I finished work at 8 it was still very cold so the gas heater went on for a couple of hours but we got to 15 thankfully

  10. Love it when the kids use things we make for them. The boys look so happy.

  11. We used to turn our heatpump on and off as required when we first moved in and ended up with horrific power bills. Mo I leave it on 22 24/7 through the colder months and our house is cosy my asthma is almost non existent at home plus our power bills are half what they use to be. I was told by a couple of heatpump servicing agents that leaving on was so much more cost effective. We don't have double glazing and yet our three double bedroom home never costs more than $200 per month in electricity during the winter.(We run solely on electricity ... no gas). Your Oodie looks very cosy! 🙂

  12. Looks like a busy weekend. Hope the weather gets better. Keep warm.


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