Sunday, May 02, 2021


 Well...  here's some very good news.

Steve is no longer an 'on the tools' builder!

He has been moved into the office, and his new job is Project Manager!

He has to co-ordinate and run all the jobs that come into the business he works for.

He is really happy.  This move means his body isn't under such physical stress, which is rather important given his medical condition.

So, no more contracting.  He is on a salary, gets holiday pay and sick leave.


ABOVE:  He gets a company vehicle.

ABOVE:  The little boys (and our girls) are very happy with the new ute!

I'm just so relieved he won't be flogging his body anymore. 

His new job starts tomorrow.

Today I will be taking some photos for YOU Robyn. Of Bowl Cosy's.  Can you send me your email address please?  I'm sure I've already got it, but I can't be arsed hunting for it!

Once you have chosen the ones you want, I can sort out sending them to you.

Now me today?  I might just freakin' RELAX.

Perhaps tidy up my sewing room... put away the market stuff.

I might even think about making a couple more cot quilts, I sold a large one yesterday at market, so I now only have three. That will probably happen over the next couple of weeks.

But I can choose what panels I shall use today eh? 

So, I've got stuff to do, which makes me happy.

I hate having nothing to do.  

What about you?  

10.23 am....

ABOVE: Day trip. Just Stew and I. BLISS.


Spur of the moment decision to take a day trip up to Auckland.
Just for the hell of it.
And to get away from housework/yard work.

Sylvia park, wander then lunch.

ABOVE: It was a novel experience.  The food was OK.  Probably won't do it again though.

After that we left Sylvia Park for Mission Bay.
We had a nice walk along the waterfront, then drove up to Kohimarama, to the lookout.

ABOVE:  I know I've probably posted photos EXACTLY like these ones before, but I never get tired of the utterly gorgeous scenery in our country.  
Anything with the sea draws me in, I just love it so much.

Lakes and rivers too of course... I just love water.   My biggest wish would be a sea view from my home, or a stream running through my back yard!   

I almost got one of those when we were looking for a home here in Hamilton a year ago.  We found a nice house with a stream in the back yard, but the house just didn't measure up.  Sad really.  ALMOST got me stream!

We are just having a quiet time now till dinnertime.
Having a 'silly bugger' dinner of fish cakes, mashed potatoes and baked beans.

8.44 pm:  Dinner was lovely.  Now just watching TV ... before bedtime.  

Which WON'T be bloody early, cos last night I woke at 4 am.  And that was it.  Oh and I kept having hot flushes and then cramps in my legs.  It was a shitty night.
So, stay up LATE, drink heaps and take magnesium is my plan tonight!


  1. That's wonderful news about Steve. The boys are so cute.

  2. Congratulations to Steve, awesome news for the family.
    Hope you all have a great Sunday 😊

  3. Fantastic news for Steve and family! Nice vehicle too :) You must all be so happy and relieved.

  4. Congratulations Steve thats awesome news

  5. Congratulations Steve. It’s so nice to have that job stability plus sick days and holidays

  6. Kiwionholidays10:39 AM

    What a neat lot of news
    The wee guys n the wee dogs are so super cute 🥰

    Have a fab day trip those two pics make me green with envy , but in a nice way cos you two deserve it ,,

    Enjoy n travel safe
    Cheers 🥂

  7. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Congratulations Steve. That is such awesome news. Well deserved. Enjoy your day Ma and Pa lol. Kj

  8. What a great promotion for Steve that’s great news a refreshing start here -2 degrees

  9. Congratulations Steve on promotion, awesome news.

    Enjoy your day out 🙂

  10. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Congratulations to fabulous...he appears to take great care with his workmanship and it has been rewarded.



  11. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Congratulations to Steve!! That is quite the leap and I wish him much joy with his new career.
    Ky Girl

  12. Congratulations to Steve on his new position at work ... always nice to know your work is appreciated and rewarded with a promotion.

  13. Yay!! Some great news for a change. Congratulations to Steve. Well deserved ... you are obviously a hard worker and valued employee. No mean feat these days.

    And a road trip for just you and Stew. What a brilliant Sunday this has turned out to be.

  14. Nice one Steve you totally deserve it 👍 will message you chick with my details 😀

  15. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Auckland - any shopping? Have a good day whatever you do. Audrey

  16. Such good news about Steve.


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