Tuesday, May 04, 2021


 Morning.... looks like it's gunna be a lovely day.

I'm heading off to the mall first thing today.  First up, I'm posting some Bowl Cosy's to a girlfriend... Robyn, they should be at yours in a few days.

Next on my list is a new toasted sandwich maker.  I've got a really big thing we have used for years to make toasted sandwiches, but it's just too big now.

ABOVE: This is kinda like what we already have.  I weighs a tonne.  It's great when you want to make 4 sandwiches at one time, or make big paninis etc.  But just one sandwich or two?  Nah.

ABOVE: This is what I would like to find and buy today.  Just a little one, which will be perfect for making a sandwich for just Stew and me.  We can use the bigger one when we have more family here of course.

ABOVE:  Once I get home, I will continue doing some stitching on this cot quilt.  I'm going to be adding little things on top of it later on.  I'm quite keen to get to that stage.

ABOVE:  Last night's sunset.  A really crisp, clear sky.  Probably means we shall be having a frosty start today.  I'm not getting out of bed to see!  It's bloody cold.

I'm gunna stay here in bed for another hour or two!

11 am:  And I've had a very successful morning. 
I found exactly what I wanted :

ABOVE:  As per usual, Briscoes was having a 'SALE'. So I got $100 off the Sandwich Maker.

ABOVE:  I ended up getting one that makes 4 sandwiches.  Cos they didn't have this one in a 2.  But that's fine.
The first thing I did once home was... make me a sandwich!
Looks good.  Let's see how it tastes.   

Well... the verdict on my sandwich?  DON'T even try to eat it for 5-10  minutes!  BOILING HOT inside.  Something to remember when dishing them up to kids for sure.
Other than that, it was perfect.

It's now 11.40 am and I'm gunna go sew for a bit, then do some of me jig saw after that.

ABOVE:  So look who turned up to nick me old toasted sandwich maker!
She's fast that girl.
That's Douglas, one of her flatmates.  
The girls got lots of cuddles.  I'm sure Coco would have gone home with them... she's anyone's dog.

5 pm:  And I've been doing me jig saw.

ABOVE: Would you believe it took me almost 2 hours to do that tiny little bit?  And I already had the edges bit done!  Yep.  When you are working with 2,000 pieces, it takes TIME.  And patience.
And normally I have no friggin patience for anything!
I suppose this is a CHALLENGE ... hence my perseverance. 

6.50 pm:  Stew is due home from Rotorua soon.  I've got dinner ready.
Left over Spag Bol mince mixture, smashed baked potatoes and veges.  Should be rather nice.

11.11 pm:  Well it's been a cruisy sort of day.  Nice to see Lacy and Douglas, then Brylee this evening too.
Time to sign off for the day.  


  1. I like warm sandwiches with melty cheese. Let me know how you like your new gadget and maybe I will copy cat you again! (like I did with the stick vacuum)

  2. We make grilled cheese in the smaller type one :)

  3. Kiwionholidays9:43 AM

    That sunset pic is awesome,
    So many fab things like that around us ,
    Awesome thanks,
    Have a fab days
    Cheers πŸ₯‚

  4. I actually gave away my big one, we hardly ever used it once we got the smaller one. The smaller one you can get more filling in whereas the panini press not so much.

  5. Yum. Toasted sandwiches. I love them with a bowl of tomato soup.

  6. Thanks for the toasty maker Ma xx from Me and the Farm Crew πŸ™‚πŸ’™
    #Lacy πŸ’™

  7. Awesome thanks chick looking forward to receiving the parcel πŸ’™ sheesh Lacy is quick alright lol πŸ˜†

  8. Kiwionholidays3:25 PM

    Lovely when we can hand on gadgets when our needs change
    That’s a neat pic of Lacy n Douglas with the fur babies ,all looking calm n relaxed 🌹
    Cheers πŸ₯‚
    They are such a neat addition to our families aren’t they!!!...

  9. back in the day --- 35 years ago --- we used to put some baked beans into the sandwiches and cook them.... so yummy! Also, push the bread down, make a well, and put in a raw egg. Cooks up just right between the bread.... sounds terrible but it's really yum!!!!!!

    1. These sound like yummy ideas!

    2. What did you put in your Maiden Sandwich?

  10. Everything is always so expensive over there. Something like that is probably like $20-$30 here. I do like that that one makes 4 sandwiches though.


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