Wednesday, May 26, 2021


So, in case it hasn't been obvious, I've been in a bit of a funk lately.

But... I'm moving on.  Doing my best to be positive and to make the most of every day.

So... today I am going to get myself out and about, even if it's only for a walk.

I might even try to convince some of me girls to meet up for morning tea, or lunch?  Amanda?  Lacy?  Bex? 

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, which will be a new start.  A positive move for sure.  Shame the Doctor I saw a couple of months ago didn't work out, or even help.  Grrrr.  I'm still staying with the new health clinic, but seeing a different doctor.  Fingers crossed this one works out.

You really do need to jel with your doctor, and feel confident they will look after you.  It's been a good 2-3 years since I've felt like I was with the right doctor!

My boobs are bloody sore!  The mammogram I had the other day has done a right job on them.  I have never felt sore afterwards before.  This time... yeah like someone has smashed me in the chest.  I'm taking panadol to keep comfortable.  I wonder why this time they are so sore?  Anyone else had the same thing happen?

Strange how as time goes on... grief does not get less.  In fact, sometimes I think it's worse.  I miss my Mum so much.  She was my utter 'go to' person.  I miss being able to talk to her, and have her support.

That's not saying I don't have Stew and the rest of my family, and I know I can count on them 100%.  But ya Mum is special eh?

I'm looking forward to getting into my sewing room sometime today.  I'm about half way through quilting a small cot quilt, once that's done, I can work on putting on the additions.  That bit is the fun part.

ABOVE:  More photos are popping up from our Sunday Pink Ribbon event.  Our table was pretty much all pastel pinks!  They were a lovely bunch of ladies, half of which were Fat Bottom Girls.  (my walking group)

ABOVE:  I wonder who comes up with these games?  lol

I didn't get a titty in the hole 😂😆😅.

ABOVE:  My absolute favourite area of our house.  The sun room.  And today, the sun is streaming in. Glorious day.

Making it even better, all three of my girls are joining me for lunch today, AND my friend Sue T from Cambridge too.


ABOVE: These two arrived early....  

ABOVE: And then once Bex and Sue arrived we took off to The Base.
And had a very nice lunch, and a hilarious walk around the mall.

ABOVE:  When we got home these two twats decided it was 'selfie with Mum' time.  So, just plonk ya butts down on my lap why don't cha? 

WHY?  At least my hair was looking amazing!  lol

7.19 pm:  Dinner tonight was steak and salad, onion rings and home cooked chips.
The lettuce salad was from a packaged bag from Countdown that I bought on Monday.
It was OFF... even though it wasn't expired.
We ate a little bit then ... nah.
Has left a horrible taste in our mouths.
Might have to have something really tasty to get the lingering ikk out of my mouth.
Hmmmm... but what?

Sorted.  We had some ice cream and chocolate sauce!  Rather rich, but it did the trick.
Now... quietly watching some tv.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. The titty game is super cute! I just had a mammogram a few weeks ago and nothing was sore. I am kind of surprised they are not sore considering....

  2. Yea ill be keen on Lunch
    Time Place ect ect, details please
    #Lacy 💙

  3. I do love that pink dress on you, not something I would pick for you but love it

  4. Sounds like a lovely day ahead. And well deserved. Enjoy your time with those special girls. xx

  5. Way to come through for lunch, gals!

  6. Love your hair! SO glad the girls were able to cheer you. XO
    ~Nicole in CA

  7. Your hair looked awesome and looks like you had a great time with your daughters!

  8. That pink dress is super cute on you, your hair looks lovely those girls just big kids really lol.

  9. Kiwionholidays5:35 PM

    What a fab day you all had together
    Hairs looking fab n love the selfies with Mum ❤️🎸
    Cheers 🥂

  10. Is that enough hair compliments/remarks for youre liking today Ma lol 😂
    #Lacy 💙

  11. Love your good nite pick hen pecked...

  12. Sounds as though you had a lovely day with the ladies. Take car.

  13. That picture of your Pink Ribbon group was really cute. All in different shades of pink. I love it. Hey, I noticed you parted your hair on different sides when selfies taken with your two girls. ha!

  14. My worst mammogram was my first mammogram. My breasts were not only really sore after, but my chest up high in the middle and downward a couple of inches and in a couple of places on my breasts were quite bruised. I think it was the plate that they smash down with that bruised the long bruised area in the middle of my chest.
    The bruises on my breasts were not a specific shape, so I guess that was just the pressure, which was a lot. I wasn't taking blood thinners at that time or anything that should have led to such bruising. I've had bone marrow taken out of my pelvic bone at the back and it didn't hurt as bad as that damn mammogram. I don't think the person doing it knew what she was doing, or else the machine was not working right.

    1. My worst one was about 6 years ago, when the woman doing it yanked my breasts up and split the skin under BOTH my breasts and I had blood pouring down my stomach! It was horrendously painful and stung like mad for hours afterwards. I'll never forgive her for that, she was brutal!


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