Monday, March 29, 2021


 It was such a busy day yesterday, we had kids visiting all weekend.

And OMG they are so loud!  And hungry.  And busy. EXHAUSTING!  But so much fun.

I got some really 'lovely' photos of Liam:

ABOVE:  All I asked for was ONE nice smile!!!  Nope.  This is what I got.  Little shit.

He's a bit of a hard case.  Oh and he'd been eating chocolate donuts, hence the chocolate face.

Then I glanced over at what the girls were doing:

ABOVE:  Not quite what I envisioned that gap being used for... but whatever floats ya boat!  The girls were happy, can't imagine they were comfortable though.

Kids eh?

Today will be my 'normal' Monday.  It's the day I get all the housework done.  Washing. Tidying up. Cleaning, bla bla bla.

I'm also going out to a couple of plant nursery's, to suss out some shrubs for a big gap in the garden, down where the dogs run is.

We were going to put a couple of feijoa trees in there, but I've changed my mind. 

Steve and Bex have two or three HUGE feijoa trees that we can get fruit off, so no point us growing them as well.

The other thing on my agenda today is planning my next couple of Table Runners.  I want them to be FUN!  So I will probably spend some time looking at ideas on Pinterest, Google Images etc.



  1. You changed your profile picture! I love that photo of you. I am glad you are using it!

  2. Have you ever made a sailboat table runner? Seems like with NZ winning all the sailing races - that might be a fun possibility!

  3. Hehehehehehe never a dull moment with the kids and dang, dumbness... just DUMBNESS.

  4. So sorry you are going through this, you're a great Mum and Grandma. Just know you have lots of support.

  5. Agree with FoxyMoron ya don't deserve anymore crap in your life. Shopping has a habit of fixing bummer days 💙💙

  6. Kids constantly on the move life that’s where it is happenin at your house love all the pics.

  7. Lovly time with Brylee...hope she enjoying "flatting" life

  8. That crackle looks fantastic. We had pork belly Saturday night, done in the airfryerand the best crackle I have done for so long. I did roast veg in the air fryer tonight either the left over pork tonight and it was fantastic

  9. Sounds as though you had one full house this weekend. Hope all is well.

  10. I really miss the social part of the craft shows too! I'd rather do winter than summer here. I've told myself I am not allowed to do summer shows outside. I just end up getting sick from the heat.


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