Monday, November 06, 2017


Much as we love our new lounge chairs, they have been SO ANNOYING since we got them!

Cos they kept sliding backwards over the course of the day/evening, until we were a good couple of feet away from where we started!

So yesterday we went into town to find something to put on the wooden bottom bits to stop them sliding.

We actually went to the Lazy Boy shop out in Te Rapa, but the sales lady had nothing to offer us in there, so we went to Mitre 10.  Got some rubbery strips to attach to the bottom of the chairs.

 ABOVE:  When we tipped the chairs upside down, we were surprised to see that there were smooth plastic strips attached to the bottoms!
No wonder they kept sliding.

Stew prised the plastic strips off and put the rubber strips on, and so far so good!  No more slip sliding away!

ABOVE:  My humble gardening efforts ... I now have parsley (which goes MAD), chives, oregano, mint and lettuces.   In a few weeks I will add more lettuces, so they are not all ready at the same time.
Don't ya hate that?  I can't remember how often I've had a dozen lettuces ready at the same time!

I also put some succulents into some unused pots... maybe they will survive next winter if I cover them with frost cloth?

Looking through Pinterest a while ago, I saw some grasses that had been plaited... it looked so neat!  I finally gave it a go yesterday afternoon:

 ABOVE:  I have NO idea how I managed to follow the line of the garden!  But even I'm impressed.  lol

ABOVE:  Brylee and I are going to have a go at plaiting the other two bunches sometime today.  I put our Weta under the middle bunch, he looks neat there!

ABOVE:  Bex sent me these photos last night... the boys got haircuts.  She said it's impossible to get a decent photo of them... I agree!
So typical one will look lovely, while the other one is making some sort of stoopid face!

So today?  Housework first and foremost!  Then who knows?

I was going on a FBG walk this morning, but it's getting too hot and humid for me to continue with daytime walks, so I am going to try and join up with some of the girls for a social walk tonight.  As I have Weight Watchers tonight, it might be a tight turn around, but I can try!

But right now, I have to get Keera ready and off to school... so catch ya later.


I've had a suckful morning.  Once Keera was at school, I came home and slowly but surely got a horrible headache.  So I took some pills and lay down ... 2 hours later, I woke up.
Brylee and Griffin woke me.

They were finally up out of bed... at 11.45 am!
What a life.

So, I'm still feeling groggy and thick headed, but will head out into the garden and do some pruning, plaiting... and so on.

9.00 pm:  I finally started feeling better late afternoon, so got out in the garden and did some pruning... and Brylee and I did some more grass plaiting.

ABOVE:  I think this one is rather cute!
There's none left big enough to plait now...bummer!

Watching the final of Dr Foster, it's been a brilliant Series Two.  I hope there's going to be a Series Three.

Time to sign off, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I love those braided grasses. Think I will try that next year.

  2. Wow they look amazing.

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    How quickly are those beautiful boys growing up, they are a credit to Bec and Steve and their hands on amazing parenting. Love the plaited grass, I've never seen it done before.
    Have an awesome week

  4. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Great posts and pics your photography and Garden is awesome . Love the Plaited grass that looks stunning . You are so artistic and your home looks neat.. I haven,t seen the grasses done that way either..
    Gr8 patience and neat Brylee is gonna help

    Did they name any particular grasses on pinterest, and what section please on there did you find it?

    gr8 work,, and loved the chair story we do things like that here as well lol

    1. Sorry L, I have searched and searched and cannot find it again! It might have been on Facebook even, I'm not sure. Can't find it on there either though.

  5. I wonder if it's the humidity that gives you those headaches? When I lived in Qld I had one almost every day through summer. They'd last about 3 days before I could get relief. My doc diagnosed them as cluster headaches and prescribed anti inflammatories. If yours go away with tablets then perhaps they're not the same, but the humidity could still be playing a part maybe?

    1. Could be Colleen, the tablets don't help that much, it's hours later and I still have a nagging headache.

  6. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Thanks anyway for trying.. The L at the end of the post wasnt supposed to be there lol I have given up on spellcheck ├žos I often cut words down to save time !!

    Take care

  7. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Your plants look cool. Man those 2 boys are cute tho haha. I have been getting shocking headaches lately as well what your fluid intake like now it's heating up that's my main problem. Xx bex

  8. I have never seen braided grass, it looks great.

  9. Aww Chris your garden is so beautiful. I love the braided grass. Gorgeous. Wow, Dante is changing as he gets older. Love the haircut.

  10. That's a neat idea plaiting grasses very cool.. Dante looks so handsome. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  11. If you enjoyed Dr Foster be sure to watch "Trust Me" next Sunday night... we loved it!!

  12. Anonymous2:24 PM

    The grass plaiting looks super cool Chris!!!! Hope you headache is gone. The little boys look so cute!!!!!


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