Wednesday, November 15, 2017


It is two weeks today since I took my camera into the shop to be sent away for assessment.

It could be another two weeks yet... I MISS MY CAMERA SO MUCH!

I am so, so tempted to ring the shop and see what's the state of play... how long it might be? But I don't want to nag them, or harass them. *sad face* I know that when they have the assessment done, they will let me know.

It's just so hard waiting... waiting... *more sad faces*

It's a BIG day for Marley and Denim today. They go to the groomer for the first time ever.

They are only getting a mini groom, just around their eyes and bums, and a bath.

I am sure they will be just fine, even though they HATE baths.

I will do 'before' and 'after' shots of them...  IF they keep still long enough for me to get a photo!

The other thing on today is another walk tonight. I am finding it very interesting ... that SO MANY ladies stated they wanted to keep walking over summer, yet not that many are jumping on the walks that have been posted.

So, it looks like the order of the day will be small groups of dedicated girls. And I'm fine with that, as long as I keep walking, I don't mind how many join me. *smiles* 

ABOVE: And there went my favourite pyrex, microwave dish's lid. Last night. I was dumbfounded just how spectacularly it smashed into a thousand pieces and flew from one end of the kitchen to the other!

I had to stand there and wait for Griffin to get the broom and sweep up around me before I could move... with one foot raised up like a friggin flamingo.

There was glass under my toes! Grrrrr. I will have to go and buy another dish now.

Hmmm... shopping? Maybe not so sad after all. lol

But not today. I have plenty to do today already.

ABOVE: I laid out a few of the hexie's last night to see how it would look with added colours.

What do ya think?

:  edited.


ABOVE:  While the puppies were at the groomers, I sorted out all my fabric scraps, finding all the bits that were big enough to become hexie's.

That's the pile I got... and now I'm cutting it all out.

The pups took AGES!  I kept thinking the groomer was probably just playing with them!  lol
I sure do, little time wasters.

But ... they are home now and look GORGEOUS:

ABOVE:  They are exhausted!  Sound asleep for the afternoon I'm sure.
The groomer did their eyes, feet and bottoms... along with a good bath and comb.  

All three dogs go back in early December for a full groom.  

It's now 1.30 pm and I'm finally getting some lunch and having a relax for a little while.

Another awesome walk tonight... there were 6 of us, so a nice number.  Perfect evening for walking, not too hot or cold.  We are getting some stunning sunsets, tonight's was no exception.

So, it's wind down time... then later on... bed.


  1. Oh no shopping.... the hexies.

  2. I liked the pink better -- too many colours in that now, just my opinion :) When pyrex breaks it really breaks!!! We spent a day this week with Charlie in hospital having glass removed from his foot, damn I hate broken glass!!

  3. Bummer about the dish. Hexies look great!!

  4. The bright hexies are your colour style Chris. Love the bright blue you have added. Wow that was a shatter-you'll be finding bits of glass for days.

  5. Love the hexies, the blue really pops.

  6. love the hexies - very pretty!

  7. Omg I love the hexies I really wanna give this a go now even if there just mug rugs. Xx

  8. I love the dogs and the hexies. Bright is you. Good idea to use up scraps. You can put them together in so many ways. Sets of 6 with one in middle; rainbows etc. Enjoy.

  9. Your hexies look amazing, love the colours you are using. That dish lid sure travelled when it broke.


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