Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Today I have to visit the Diabetes nurse for my yearly review.
That's going to be a total waste of an hour for her.
I know exactly what's going on with me.

My Doctor has text me twice in the past few days.  First time to ask me to come in to discuss my latest results, which were BAD.

I declined.  Politely.  And told her I would pull my finger out and do better in the next three months... and to trust me to do it.

Yesterday she replied and said OK, and she was sure I could turn it around.

So, the ball is in my court to do it now.  Cos seriously, I really am fart arsing around.

My exercise is on point, but my eating?  Nah.  Far from it.

I just hate having to 'tow the line'... it doesn't come easy to have to do as you are told as an adult!  I have bugger all self control at the moment.

Emotional eating to the max.  I am really struggling with hot flushes right now, and they are getting me SO DOWN.

I just can't catch a break from them.

LYNDA:  to suggest I do the day walks is IMPOSSIBLE.  I overheat then feel like I'm going to pass out and/or vomit.  So NO, I will not be doing the day walks. 

Stew has offered to go walking with me late at night, so we might end up doing that. 

Tomorrow night I have a walk on at 8 pm.  I changed the time so it was later, so hopefully cooler.  So far there's about 4 of us going.  

Back to today... this morning I really want to get Keera to school then come home and get some serious housework done.
I might even drag Brylee and Griffin out of bed before 10 so they can help me!

Those two kids ... I just don't get how they can sleep in till lunchtime!  It's crazy!   

Oh before I forget!  At cards last night I WON again!

ABOVE:  The Winner's 'trophy' is mine for the next two weeks again!    Really is luck of the cards... but I will take it.  *smiles*


Floors done... big tick.
Now it might just be time to get the teenagers up... I've got a LIST ... *smiles*

OK... so it's now 3.25 pm and today has actually gone very well.
The kids and I got heaps of jobs done around the house, so I'm very happy about that.
Even though Griffin acted like I was pulling his teeth out without anesthetic!  He rallied and finally got a few things done for me.

Visit to the Diabetes nurse:  I fully expected some bad results overall... but ... BUT... the ONLY reading that was too high was the Hba1c!

Everything else, and I mean EVERYTHING, was PERFECT.  EXCELLENT in fact!

I could post all the numbers, but seriously, every single thing they test for came back either 'normal' or optimal!

Rather pleased with that.

And I can certainly work on getting my Hba1c number down ... I just have to be more careful with my diet. 

I am 100% sure my walking has kept my OVERALL health good!

I am not ignoring my Hba1c number Lynda and Sharon.  I have already said I will deal with it.  My kidney function, Liver function, Cholesterol levels, blood pressure, foot pulses and sensitivity and so on are all EXCELLENT.  I don't think I'm about to have a heart attack, renal failure, eyesight loss, amputations or anything else like that.  Thanks for your concern though.

We took the puppies outside on the lead again tonight... and again, Denim refused to walk!
Lots of positive words and I did get her to move forward a few times after a while.  But I think it's going to take a while with that girl!
Marley on the other hand is quite good.  That's a relief.

Lovely evening ... it's starting to cool down now (8.30 pm), thank goodness!  It's been another stinking hot day.


  1. As you are aware, Type 2 diabetes is a silent disease. You can feel fine but all the time your blood is full of sugar and insulin trying it's hardest to get rid of that sugar. My sister ignored her diabetes and continued to eat badly and she is sure paying that price now with low blood circulation to her limbs plus other symptoms and she is now on full insulin injections every day.

    I've said this before but will say it again. There are some amazing websites out there specifically for diabetics, my two favourites are:

    Eddie who runs the lowcarb diabetic website is diabetic and now has normal blood sugar, he has done ever since he changed his lifestyle. I won't push the low carb lifestyle, it's up to you to figure that out. Your doctor is not trying to tell you what to do to be bossy - your doctor knows what will happen. She knows that you can get heart damage, kidney damage, gangrene... you don't get second chances with the side effects of diabetes. Sorry but this has to be said - you are doing so well with your exercise but you need to change what you eat. Sorry if I'm blunt but diabetes is a killer. You don't need to publish this comment, I won't be offended :) I just wish you the very best of health Chris.

  2. As per Lynda's post - Dr Jason Fung is my new hero. I have been following his program for a while. His book is
    You can look up the Obesity Code podcast if you are into that thing.
    You are such a good cook that I KNOW you would have the LCHF thing worked out for both you and Stew in no time.
    The whole low fat, watch your calories thing is a complete scam. It's hard to accept that when you have spent your life (like me) thinking "If I was just stricter with what I ate...what I cooked...counted these points...counted these calories". We have been had.
    Someone I work with had his leg amputated because of T2. That's what propelled me into looking at things differently.

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    A nice pair of shoes is that you need to first contemplate ahead of you take plenty of exercise.

    1. Really? Done that already... clearly you are not a regular reader.

  4. Are you getting a new WW program there next week? It has already rolled out in the UK and next week is Canada/USA...I wonder if that would help you. Sometimes something new is motivating.

  5. It would appear we are... though we have all been told Smart Points will NOT be changing. Which is just as well, cos I've bought WW books/scales and so on, only to have them change all the points values and make what I have redundant! AND that is so annoying, particularly when I'd just gone and bought a new set of WW Kitchen Scales about 1 month before hand! That was when they switched from Pro Points to Smart Points. I don't expect a huge change or anything amazing to be honest, with whatever they are bringing out. I don't even bother following the points system now, I just do my own thing and go for the weigh in's and the company.

  6. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Hi My neighbor has developed gestational diabetes, even though she eats well and is very seems to be under control at the moment..Her specialist recommended that she walk for 15 mins after every meal..she also takes longer walks most days after work...the 15 min walk seems to be more beneficial in dropping the glucose it there are many articles about the 15 minute walk. I am going to do it myself...I am not diabetic


    1. I have never heard of taking a short walk after eating to help with diabetes. Interesting. Might mention it to the Diabetes Nurse this afternoon.

    2. Doesn't matter what your build is or how fit you are - you can still get GD.
      There have been some studies on walking after eating with both GD and T2D but nothing manages it like diet.

  7. Teenagers are building up there sleep for when they r in party mode and go all weekend withoutsleep lol. Sorry your report at doc wasn't good. Health is hard to get a grip on abd hell girl you have a power of shit gets thrown at you to fuel the emotional eating.

  8. I'm sorry to hear the doctor report sayin again bad things, my dad DIED of diabetic complications at 56! Prior to his passing he had done tablets change your eating habits ER NOPE THEN injections change eating habits er NOPE THEN DIALYSIS change your eating nope lasted 5 yrs THEN haemo (so) dialysis er CHANGE YOUR DIET NOPE.... Too late dad was loosing his eyesight staring down digit amputations his quality of life zero hooked into dialysis 14hrs day HIS QUALITY OF LIFE ZERO his quality into DEATH ZERO IT WAS PAINFUL Traumatic depressing
    MY SUGGESTION GO TO diabetes ward at HAMILTON SPEND a few days see the end result.... Harsh stark reality

  9. I nursed my dad through to his death I unhooked his machine with help from the doctor MUM INSISTED I straighten his curled up body before rigour Mortis set an before the undertaker came in I DO NOT EVER WANT TO REPEAT THAT.... Straightening limbs yeah nah stuff of nightmares!

  10. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Hi Chris, one of my running mates struggles with overheating while exercising (& the hot flushes) - she uses the multichill thingy from cool core & wears it around her neck. Am sure there are other things available & might be worth a try. I got up at stupid o'clock & ran at 4.30am to avoid the heat yesterday - we've got a week of 30+ days here! Nice work on the card winning!!!!

  11. Hba1c is the most serious number to have high. Lowering that number is crucial. I agree with what Sharon said about her father, you simply can't ignore high blood sugar.

    1. Not saying you are ignoring it Chris... all the amazing walking you have been doing is evidence of that! I just know you've had high results in the past and not made the necessary changes. I know you can do it (and will do it). When you put your mind to something you are unstoppable, just remember that.

  12. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Your blog has the same post as another author but i like yours better.

  13. You've got your exercise habit going well now, that's the hardest part as far as I'm concerned! Maybe work at changing aspects of your diet a bit at a time - having a carb free/ low carb breakfast every other day for example.... if you try to do it all at once it can be a bit overwhelming in my experience - I've failed many times! Do you take your BGL's at all? If so, you could try taking them before and after meals to see how particular foods affect your blood sugars, not everyone responds the same. :-)

    1. Taking my BGL's would involve sticking myself with a lancet eh? LOL... not gunna happen! I HATE IT.

    2. A new lancet is sharp and really doesn't hurt. It doesn't have to be a finger prick, others places can be used, I haven't tried them personally. I test myself 3 times a week but luckily have stayed off medication SO far

  14. There's a sensor type we sometimes use (I'm an RN) that doesn't involve pmultiple pricking - lasts a fortnight. It's expensive though. - FreeStyle Libre Sensor

  15. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Congrats on the test results!!!!


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