Tuesday, November 07, 2017


This morning I'm heading into Hamilton for my patchwork group at Donna's Quilt Studio.
There's only THREE classes left before there will be no more day classes.

I just re-read the email with all the information about when they are closing their shop and yaaa!  Just read that they will be offering night classes next year (location to be determined), so maybe I can go to some of those?

Donna is such an excellent, experienced tutor of patchwork ... I am thrilled I can still pick her brains.  *smiles*

I am going to start making a Cute Bag today in class.  I'm thinking of making a few and offering them for sale on Trademe.  I might make a few other bits n bobs too.  

I will be using that fabric I got on the weekend... quite excited to work out what contrasting fabrics to use with it!

The big kids will be staying home today, which is great as they can play with the puppies for me.

Working in the garden yesterday killed my darling 'trash nails'... so I had to do me nails again:

ABOVE:  I gave myself pretty pinks.  No trash today.  lol

And on that score, I'm outta here.  


Well it's 1.36 pm and my morning has gone very well.
The class today was very relaxed and chatty, just how I like it.
I got a little bit of sewing done... but bugger all really!  
Came home to teenagers... 

One who's been ever so helpful and did the washing, looked after the puppies and cleaned up their pen for me.
And one who has done NOTHING except get out of bed, fed itself and go back to it's room and play Playstation.

Guess which one did what?   Totally not a hard one eh?  lol

I've just had lunch and now... I will probably do bugger all until I have to go and pick up Keera in an hour or so.  It's really glorious outside, hardly a cloud in the sky.  It's not supposed to last though, there is a storm coming so 'they' say.
Time will tell. 

Griffin has mastered the art of 'moan and groan' often enough, and maybe Mum won't even ask me to do stuff!
Cos seriously, if I do ask him to do anything around here, you would think I'd asked him to chop off his arm. 

Some days I just want to go into his room and smash that damn PlayStation into a million pieces.

Tonight was Card night with the Cambridge Connections Group.  I had a really nice evening.

Home now, and going to watch a couple of TV programmes before heading off to bed.  Winding down time.


  1. Love the nails!! Have you ever thought about making your cards again? They were fabulous and you seemed to do very well with them. Just a thought.

  2. Love the nails mum. I liked the other ones too.

  3. Aah teenagers!! At least you have one useful one haha.

    I like that pink on your nails, very pretty :-)

  4. You leave a written note of what you want the boy teen to do..must be in writing . and the most important part...take the play station with you.... Have done this and it has worked....took a week of taking the play station with me when I left the house and he done his jobs... if the jobs were in writing ..boy brain I think

    1. Anonymous2:34 PM

      Totally agree! Put it in the boot of your car until he learns it's a privilege not a right.

    2. Hahahaha Love it Lee-Anne!!

  5. lol on the "trash nails!"

    I have about given up expecting anyone to do anything. I just get more and more pissed off every day.

  6. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Change your internet password, when he's done even a little you type it in. Jo

  7. Screens!! Bloody nightmare! As you know, we have just finished our renovation.... one of the most important things on our list was a dedicated study ---- with a lock. Yes, I told both boys I will be wearing that key around my neck as they get older. Computers, phones and play stations will be dead-bolted out of reach. They thought I was joking!!!!! (they must not know me very well). I went to the shop that our builders sourced all our "hardware" and added the biggest, nastiest dead-bolt to our order. And they bolted it to the door in due course. They are both still quite young and not affected by x rated websites and cyber bullying (yet) but I will be doing my damnedest to make sure all their internet usage etc will be under MY watchful eye. Christy xxxxxxxxx

  8. Busy, busy girl these days -everything is looking so lovely. I Adore that plaiting you did with the grass!


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