Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Weight Watchers rolled out some major 'tweaks' to the Smart Points system last night.

Well, they say it's not  A NEW POINTS SYSTEM, and it won't affect the products you already have (cook books, scales etc) but that is bullshit.

Now... there are lots more 'FREE FOODS', foods with no points values.

Only, excuse me, but if I'm eating a chicken breast or turkey breast, fish, seafood or eggs, they ARE NOT FREE food to me! Corn? Peas? FREE? Nope.

And ummmm... let's say my daily allocation of points was 30 yesterday. All of a sudden, my daily points allocation has gone down by 5-7 points! So, why did my points allocation go DOWN. Oh I know, to take into account the 'FREE' foods I'm now eating. So NOT really free are they? *smirk*

All the cook books I have with 'Smart Points' are now redundant, cos... well, Chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, shellfish, eggs and a whole host of other things are now 'FREE'.

Yes, I can look up the 'old' recipes on my 'App' and they will show the new points for that recipe, but it doesn't change the fact that the books right in front of my nose NOW are not correct anymore! 

And I'm sorry, but as far as I'm concerned, Chicken & Turkey breast, Fish, Shellfish, Eggs and so on ARE NOT FREE FOODS! They have calories, they COUNT.

I'm just so annoyed right now. I'm of two minds to leave AGAIN. I'm sick to death of them changing shit that works, and in the process making everything I've bought over the years redundant.

Scales. Cook Books. Calculators. All redundant.

So.. I want to go back to using PRO POINTS. Do YOU have any Pro Points value books I can beg/buy from you? Pretty please?

Or maybe I will just count calories, and stay around 1,000 a day?

Any ideas people? What should I do?

*** Small change with Steve and Bex's move. It's been pushed out till the 22nd now. That's going to make it better in relation to Dante's 5th birthday party on the 16th. It won't be right in the middle of the move now.

And we will have Keera for another week, which is just fine. She will finish out her first year of school here now.

Now... today?

The ONLY thing on today is my Aqua Fit class this morning!

After that I will come home and get on with some sewing. I want to make more bunting for Keera's new room for a start. Of course, I have heaps I want to do/make ... just prioritising what/when! lol


11.45 am:  And... I didn't go to Aqua!
At the last moment I decided to go on a FBG walk with a few girlfriends... we went around the little local lake X's 3.  It was a cloudy morning and not very hot, so lovely.

 ABOVE:  A very pretty area ... the steps lead up to the playground.  We didn't go up... *smiles*

ABOVE:  Gwen's walk photo.. mirror image for some reason.

Afterwards we had morning tea together, that's the part I like the most!  lol

ABOVE:  I got home and asked Griffin to put more Sulphate of Aluminium around my hydrangeas... it's keeps them blue.  I actually got him out of his bedroom!  But not for long.

The puppies didn't want to step outside... then FINALLY Marley did on her own, and Griffin went inside and carried Denim out!  She was fine once she was outside with the other two. 

I've got a few flowers coming through.  I really don't like the lillies much, the colours are really IKKK.  But I can't make myself pull them out, we have very few flowers as it is.

 ABOVE:  I just LOVE my hydrangeas!

ABOVE: And these iris's?... are lovely too.  
Been told the above flowers are gladiola's.

So it's been a hot, sticky afternoon/early evening so far.
I cooked Chicken kebabs on rice for dinner.  Was OK... but not that great.  Not that tasty, and the chicken was quite dry.  I hate it when the chicken is dry.

I did something that I really had no idea I would be doing today.  More on that... tomorrow.  ha ha ha.


  1. l like the idea that WW is trying to encourage more 'clean' foods and less processed foods but losing points is such a pychological thing.

    1. What's annoyed me the most is them changing their programme ('tweaks' so they say) once too often for my liking.

    2. All food has calories even lettuce so there are no foods that are really 'free' ... At first I was concerned I would end up eating heaps more because of the new free food (egg, corn, salmon etc) but now I see myself looking to use the free food more because at the end of the day they are the better, cleaner food for us ... my concerns are dissipating and I am starting to warm towards the idea of slightly better eating.

  2. I can understand your frustration with the changes to the Weight Watchers programme. Check out Trade Me for the WW books - I've often found the WW items I want on there for next to nothing pricewise.

  3. I did WW about 16 years ago when they first introduced the original Points. I lost 18 kilos (and kinda / mostly kept it off) but then I heard of the ProPoints and Smart Points and completely lost interest. I'm sure it's all just a marketing ploy too. Annoying! If you are asking for suggestions, I would just stick to the foods (Points) you know with the portion sizes you need and just get on with it as you have been. The exercise you are doing is great and will make all the difference! Although 1000 calories seems low?! I'd say about 1500 minimum, but I am definitely no expert. Christy xxxxxxx

  4. I know I posted about this the other day so won't repeat myself - but I am curious as to why you aren't willing to consider trying something completely different like LCHF? Not an attack, genuinely curious.

    1. I'm stubborn. Been 'advised' this track once too often. I do not take your comment as an attack, I know you care about me. *smiles*

  5. If the old system works for you then just tick to that. Focus on fresh non processed foods & watch portion sizes, you will keep losing without having to completely relearn the new system.

  6. I gave up on WW a long time ago. Being a massive money making corporation it's not really in their interest for people to lose weight and keep it off! 😊

  7. Anonymous11:00 AM


    1000 calories is too low, 1250 calories is good and the weight just falls off...Jenny Craig starts at 1250...and works well. Is your friend still on the Jenny Craig program ?


    1. Yes she and her husband are. I am off to find a good calorie counting book tomorrow. I know 1,000 cals is not enough. I just plucked that number out of thin air! lol

  8. Forgive me for making a suggestion when I've not posted on your blog before but I am a regular reader from the UK. I spent a year in NZ as a child in 1968 in Mt Manganui, so I have a special interest in your country. My eldest son had sudden onset Type 1 diabetes over two years ago. He has to calculate his calories for every meal and does so via an app on his phone which, I believe came from the GP surgery. I just wondered if there was something similar you could get from your diabetic nurse as she should be able to advise you on how many calories you need per day as a minimum and should be able to help you monitor your weight loss. Have you thought about maybe talking to one of your local medical herbalists about exploring using a herb which helps with sugar cravings such as goats rue or herb robert which may assist you during times when life is stressful. Well done with all your activities and your weight loss to date, I hope you find a way to continue.

    1. Thank you for commenting Sarah! I have spoken with the Diabetes Nurse just recently, so will be using some of her suggestions.

  9. Hmm looks like my comment disappeared (because I had to log into Google!). What I actually said was if WW worked for you before, with the old system, just keep going with that. You already know your portion sizes and what works. Don't get stressed over the new system, just keep using the old one. When I did it, it was different again. So just go with what you know. Its like daylight savings - there's no extra sunlight, just the parameters shifted. Same with WW. All the food is still the same, it's just the way its looked at is different. So keep doing what you know and don't worry about it. xxx

    1. Yep... but I am going to be making a change away from WW's.

  10. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I only threw out the points calculator my Mum used 20 years ago (then I used it) on the weekend! I cant even remember what version of points it was from! I use myfitnesspal app on my phone these days & to make sure I'm getting enough protein & not overdoing the carbs. The walk looked lovely!!

  11. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Hi Chris! I am in the same boat as you, trying to lose weight and get healthy. I have high iron and red blood cell counts so weight loss is one option for me to try and get my numbers down. I used to weigh in the 240s .... today I am around 200 pounds. I still have 40 pounds to lose. Here is what is working for me (and I have literally tried EVERYTHING) .....

    Cut out all sugar as much as possible
    Count calories, eat around 1600 calories a day
    I walk on the treadmill Monday thru Friday until I have burned 600 calories (about 4 miles)
    Family walk/hike on Saturday, rest on Sundays
    No eating before 10am the next day at the earliest. I do not eat until 11am so that's a 17 hour fast.
    All my meals are eaten within a 7 hour window.
    No restaurant food
    No future money will be spent on fad diets or the weight loss industry in any way. Figure out a diet plan and stick to it, combined with daily exercise is a must. The weight loss industry makes us think that we simply cannot achieve health and weight loss on our own but this is a complete and total myth.

    Your heart and mind MUST be in the same place. If the mind is willing but the heart is not, it will be extremely difficult to make dietary changes and stick to them for life.

    The period of adjustment for making eating changes is about 2 weeks for most people. If you can stick with a plan for 2 weeks, it starts to become a way of life and much easier.

    It was SO DIFFICULT for me to lose weight with my family in the house. Once they all moved away with jobs and once my hubby was out of the house for the day at work, I was able to focus on myself and do what I needed to do with no distractions or stress. I understand your predicament in having a family at home but I wish you lots of luck in figuring out what works for you. You WILL figure it out.

    Sandy in the USA

    1. Thanks for the tips Sandy, I will be working out a new plan for myself which sounds like it will be something similar to yours.

  12. Gorgeous flowers!

    1000 calories isn't enough, especially if you are walking. I did Lose it when I lost all my weight, it's really simple and you can scan the food with your phone and put in recipes etc. I like it because calories don't change like WW plans ;) Although I have to actually use it to lose weight..

  13. The last picture shows gladiolas.

  14. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I love all your flowers, beautiful colours. They are all a bit unusual


  15. Oh the Iris's are beautiful xx

  16. If calories are the same in New Zealand as they are here in the USA - 1000 calories is NOT enough.... Unless you count "free chicken breasts and beans". I love all of your beautiful flowers. Including the orange ones!

  17. I love that lily Chris. It looks perfect against the rusty fish. Do you know what to put in the soil to make your hygrangeas pink. It was when I bought it but now it's blue!

    1. No idea honey, best to ask at a garden center.

  18. So pleased you ditched WW new plan the garden pictures looked great...


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