Friday, November 24, 2017


Our poor wee puppies are feeling the heat something rotten.
Most afternoons now I squirt them with the hose to help cool them down.
They don't actually LIKE it much, but hey... it must help them feel cooler.

Next Wednesday they go back to the groomer for a FULL GROOM!
OMG they are going to look so different!

They will lose most of their dark colours and be much lighter.  *sob*
I am going to trim off Marley's black tummy patch before she goes, as a keep sake.  She will lose it at the groomers anyway.

ABOVE: They spend most of their days outside or here in the Family room.
It's the coolest place for them...  right by the open door and window... yet yesterday that corner was 28 degrees C!

Poor babies.  I'm going to buy them a paddle pool this weekend... I bet they will enjoy that!

Or not.  Ya just never know with dogs... who will love water and who won't.

So today is going to be fairly busy.

- Keera to school
- Aqua Fit at the pool
- Home, quick shower etc.
- To friend's to pick up free stuff!
- Into Hamilton for Weight Watchers meeting
- Home
- Pick up Keera

Dinner will be something quick and easy.  It always is on a Friday night.  I like to call it a 'Silly Bugger' dinner. *smiles*

And on that note... catch ya later!


Well the day has gone to plan bar one thing.  I didn't go to Aqua Fit.
My body is aching in all sorts of weird places!
And I was trying to jam too much into my morning!

It didn't help that when I got Keera to School I realised that her school WHITE shirt was filthy!  Like really, really disgusting.
So I took it off her (she had a white t-shirt under it), and I brought it home and quickly washed and dried it, and took it back by 10.30 for her to wear.  Clearly I hadn't noticed just how grubby it was yesterday afternoon!

After that, I popped out to my friend Robyn's home and picked up two lovely outdoor bean bag covers.

ABOVE:  Now we just have to get heaps of beans to fill them.  Perhaps Darling can get some tonight?  lol

OH YEAH... just remembered:  I LOST half a kilo this week.

We had an unexpected visitor at dinnertime.. Jacqui from Tauranga.  It was lovely to see her and spend an hour or so yakking.

After she left, we put Miss Muppet to bed and then wound down for the day/week.

I'm going to watch Coronation Street while Stewy watches sport in the lounge.

Stinking hot inside again.  


  1. I love Friday nights. Take away dinner, throw off the working week. Kick back and relax. Ahhhhh.

  2. The pups are so lovely.Hope you got all your running done and did get to rest.

  3. Busy day ahead. What a shame the puppies lose their colouring.

  4. Woah you crammed a lot in today me I slept till 2.30pm (coming off last night of night shift) neat coloured bean bags I bet once the pups get the hang of the paddling pool it be well used but oh wet puppy paw prints lol

  5. We had outdoor beanbags and filled them with styrofoam packing chips rather than beans, turned out much cheaper. The bean bags looked lumpier, but were very comfortable.

  6. Have a great weekend.


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