Saturday, November 11, 2017


I feel like we have heaps of options for today.

-We could go grocery shopping. (WASH my mouth out with soap!)

-We could potter around in the garden, sort out the front fence where my car is now and so on.

-We could just chill out!

But I'm really keen to suss out a shade sail to put over my car out the front.  It's NOT a carport, so we should have no trouble with the council!
I'm excited about doing that.

Later on today we are expecting Steve, Bex and the boys.  Keera is going to love that, poor kid has no one to play with her own age here.
When Dante and Archer are here we never see her, she's off playing!

I spent a bit of time last night plotting another social walk ... and have posted it for Monday night.  So happy to be able to post walks now!

OK... I'm off to work out what we are doing.
Catch ya later.


3.55 pm: lol... it's much later!
We went down to our local Mitre 10 to look at shade sails, but they didn't have any big enough.
So we got a few groceries for dinner tonight and came home.
Picked up the teenagers (had to get them out of bed first!), and we went into Hamilton.

We got a few things at The Base, had a nice lunch then went to Bunnings in Te Rapa, where we found a good sized shade sail.

Now home, and I've spent a bit of time doing a little project with my cuttlebug... that was fun!

And now... chilling out waiting for my phone to recharge so I can take a photo or two of things.

SO, Steve and Bex and kids arrived, we've had a lovely dinner of roast pork and veges and lots of laughs.  We were celebrating something tonight.  More on that tomorrow.

We had an amazing sunset tonight!

 ABOVE:  Truly gorgeous colours!

ABOVE: Archer loves the puppies, but he's a bit scared of them too.

As it's been so bloody QUIET on here today, I shall end my day here.


  1. Grocery shopping ... such fun (NOT!!). Thankfully my husband takes care of that task - I just make the list. Occasionally we do Countdown online if he can't be bothered, and they're having good specials. I hope that your day is going well. Always lovely to have family visiting.

  2. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Great pics you take always colourful and interesting ..
    Would like to see a pic of the shade sail that you got ?? Am looking to get one and love seeing different ideas.
    Love the sunset and the wee pups .Your walking is a good inspiration Good for you!!!
    The lil guy looks cautious of the pups but he will come round

    Enjoy your family times lovely memories to store up as well as happy feelings ...

  3. I sent a connect earlier today but it hasn't posted stupid phone. Can't even rember what it was now other than Hope Keera was enjoying her day with her cousins

  4. I'm here just flat out... so much going on. 😟

  5. We put together some of a greenhouse we got from FB, no instructions make it very challenging. We still have the roof to do, probably do the rest Monday.
    Tomorrow we are off to try and catch some lobster.

  6. maybe some day we'll get a car port, my poor cars are always sitting outside too.

  7. Oh glad you don't need council approval that's a plus... Keera will perk up no end I'm sure to have her forever family around...


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