Thursday, November 30, 2017


Today I'm off to Aqua Fit first thing this morning, then I'm coming home to make a couple more Christmas Bags.

I also want to make a few more mug rugs, they come in handy as 'extra' gifts.  They are quick and easy to make, and fun too.

I went to a Scentsy Party a couple of weeks ago, and my new burner and wax melts arrived last night.
I just lovelovelove Scentsy!

ABOVE: This is my new burner.  It's so pretty!
It acts like a little lamp too.
If you want to keep your home smelling delightful, I can highly recommend these!

I have one on in the garage all day too, it keeps 'puppy' smells under control too... though the pups hardly ever do poops inside now.  But it's just so lovely to have it going.

Tonight I have a walk planned... but it looks like there will only be 2 of us, so I might just cancel it, and go on an even later walk with just Brylee.  It gets much cooler after 9 - 9.30 pm, and I know no one from the FBG group will want to walk at that time!  But I do!  So, we will see what eventuates on that score.


2.06 pm:   My day has gone so well!  Brylee and I dropped Keera off at school, then went to Aqua Fit.
While I did the class, Brylee enjoyed swimming around with snorkel and mask at the other end of the pool.

After my hour long class, I did 4 laps breaststroke, 2 laps freestyle and 2 laps power walking.  So, lots of good exercise today!

After that, we came home, showered and headed into Hamilton, where I finished the Christmas shopping for the grandkids, and got myself some swimming togs.
NOT for class, just for around home really.  My wobbly bits are not for 'public' viewing!

I wear cycle shorts and a rash top (with sleeves) to Aqua.  *smiles*

Over 30 years ago, before I started with Weight Watchers, I used to count calories.
I find it amusing that I am now going to be doing the exact same thing!

ABOVE:  I found the book I needed at Chartwell Square, and for cheaper than I could have got it off TradeMe!   

Funny how once upon a time you could find cheap stuff on TradeMe, whereas now it's pretty much like online shopping in some respects.

I'm going to spend my afternoon (what's left of it), reading the book, sorting out a recording book, weight loss graph and so on.  First weigh in will be on Saturday morning here at home.

MEL, LYNDA, SANDY, CRANKY AND ALL YA OTHERS:  I will be cutting out MOST things with sugar in it, and carbs like Bread, Pasta, Rice, but will still eat small portions of potato, onion, beetroot and so on.   So, kinda low carb.  But *shush*, I didn't really say that!

I spent my evening doing the usual.. cooking dinner, watching TV, mucking around in the sewing room... just a normal night.

Time to sign off for the day.


  1. I have never heard of Scentsy until recently - is it party plan sort of like tupperware?

    1. Yes Tracy, sold just like Tupperware and so on. Lots of stuff is sold 'Party Plan' way nowdays. I love it... OH! I already said that eh? lol

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Hi Chris! Well done on your exercise today :) Yes, you do what works for you. Everyone is different. I've found it easy now to give up sugar but it did take me a while to get to this point. Gradual changes that stick, that's the name of the game. And if you 'screw up' one day, don't get down on yourself just keep going. I envy those people who overnight can do a complete 180 degree turn with their eating habits. I am certainly NOT one of those people. It has taken me years to make dietary changes that have finally stuck. Slow and steady wins the race and if one night you fancy pasta for dinner, have it! I eat brown rice regularly and potatoes. My 'big thing' is sugar. For me, it is a toxic trigger food. If I eat even one chocolate, I have to then eat the whole damn bag AND I'm in the fridge/pantry all night. Therefore, sugar is banned in my house and yes, I do read food labels for sugar content :) Keep going, day by day, you are doing great!

    Sandy in the USA

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM


    You have really done well with the exercise...I am going to aqua aerobics tonight for the first time in about 20 or more years...should be fun...


  4. Haha, you mentioned me in that so I'll reply :) Good on you for giving up sugar and the other carbs. Don't be scared of eating fats though - they do not raise blood sugar at all so when counting calories make sure you don't go low fat. I don't mean eat sticks of butter or anything but when cutting carbs, fat is your friend. Well done on the exercise too. Remember that when your counted calories all those years ago it was all "low fat"... not so now - even the experts agree on that.

    One more suggestion is to to on - it makes counting calories so easy and once you add a food it remembers it for next time. It will also track your exercise etc. It's very easy to use and it may help you.

    1. Anonymous10:17 PM

      I have to reply too since I got a mention! Try this recipe, I made it tonight. Ignore the calories. It's good fat!

  5. Chris, if there is one thing I have learnt about you over the years is your amazing ability to adapt and change. So go you good thing and good luck with the new weight loss plan. And I won't tell a soul you might be low carbish! I will watch with interest and follow in your footsteps!

    The one good thing I can say about WW is that nearly all my current friends (on line and in real life) have come into my life one way or another via WW. You included. So while it sucks as a money making weight loss company it works really well as an online friend finder. So here I am massively overweight but blessed with really good friends. Thanks WW!!

  6. I've got that same scentsy warmer on order - can't wait for it to arrive!! On calorie counting - if you use apps on your phone and that's your kinda thing I'd highly recommend My Fitness Pal for calorie counting. I've lost just over 100lbs using it!

    1. Wow Debbie that is awesome, well done Chick! I have downloaded MyFitnessPal on my computer, and am trying to get it on my phone too.

  7. Whatever works for you at end of the day it's your choice ....


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