Tuesday, November 21, 2017


After yesterday's walk cancellation, I'm feeling rather BLAH.
LET DOWN... disappointed.  There are a FEW social walks organised, but they are either at 5 am (fuck that!), or later on in the morning (too hot for me).  So if I want to walk now... I will have to go late at night.

I don't think I will even bother putting them up on the FBG page as EVENTS.  I doubt anyone will come... it's bound to be 'too late' for most of them.

I do have a walk organised for Thursday night at 7.15 pm.... same time as last night's walk.  I wonder if anyone will come?  

M O V I N G   O N....  Today I am going to Aqua Fit right after I drop Keera off at school.
The class is from 9-10, so I will get at least 20 minutes before hand to do a few laps of the pool.

I can't wait.  I love swimming, being in the water.  

After the Aqua Fit class, I should be going into Hamilton for the last patchwork class at Donna's ... but seriously?  I don't think I will bother.  I know I won't be missed, so why rush to get there for the last half of the class anyway.

For me, going to the Aqua Fit class is more important.

After swimming, I will come home, have a leisurely shower then do some housework ... then who knows.

Right NOW I'm in a real shitty mood, so hopefully when I get home from swimming I will be happier.


OMG the pool was gorgeous!  Crystal clear, 28 degrees (almost warm!) and the class was lovely.  There were about 20 of us in the pool doing our thing, so not too crowded.  It was so nice to be back in the water.  
The sun was shining, virtually no wind which was great, and I can't wait to go back.

I'm now actually pleasantly tired, you get a totally different work out in the pool!  My arms are sore!  Legs... just fine.  lol

So... it's coming up to lunchtime in 45 minutes, so I might just get something sorted ... I'm hungry!

5.25 pm:  It's been a very quiet afternoon.  I've felt sick as a dog actually.  100% sure it's down to the heat and bloody menopause.
I finally caved in and turned on the heatpump... on COLD.

And it's finally bearable in here.

I had a visitor mid afternoon.  She's a friend of a friend, and the mother of a FBG girl who lives opposite us.

She's getting a parcel (from me), delivered to my friend Frieda up in Coromandel, saves me postage.  Her family go up there often, so I must remember that!    Very handy.

ABOVE:  Our sky right now... shit I hope it pisses down!  I'm so over the heat already.

9.30 pm:  And I've had a very enjoyable Card evening with ladies from the Cambridge Connections group.

More on that tomorrow.

For now, it's time to say nite nite... off to do some tidying up and tv watching.


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Gidday keep your chin up girlfriend George's Mum

  2. Cheer up. You tried! Their loss 😉

  3. Hope u enjoyed the pool chick. I bought new togs last week have an entry to pool but still can't get motivated to go need a push.

  4. I am sorry that the "bag bug" bit you. I have had one of those days too.. I am so proud of you for doing your swim- I wish I could swim-it really is good for you. Can't you take your pup with you for an afternoon walk-they are usually good company.

  5. I'm glad you had the aqua fit class to brighten your day!

  6. I'm back into to my morning swim routines have missed them I must say.... You may find the 5am walks invigorating but I should imagine at that time people be walking faster

  7. Get Stew out for a walk or do the daytime walks. I walked midday today and it was fine. About the aircon I use it all the time - why hesitate? Ours does not add much to our power bill at all.

  8. That's a shame about your walk but glad you enjoyed the pool. It certainly was a warm day yesterday. Sounds like you had a nice end to the day.


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