Monday, November 13, 2017


I spent a good deal of time last night cutting out little bits of fabric to make hexi's with.
Mostly pinks.

And this is what I have done so far...

ABOVE:  They are not joined together yet, which is just as well cos I really don't like the one on the left at all.

But just making them ready for stitching is a job!  I can see you have to make GAZILLIONS of them to get anything of any size!

But, I will make more and see what I come up with.   Maybe a few mug rugs, or knee rugs, or something!

ABOVE:  I rearranged them... I think I like this better.  But, I need heaps more, and I am going to add more colours cos... It's too pink!

I'm going to be fairly busy today.  I've got patchwork in the morning, Weight Watchers early evening then a walk after that.

So I should be on the go most of the day.

Keera has school, so I better get her stuff sorted out ... she has swimming today, better not forget her togs 'n' towel!

Brylee and Griffin are home, so they can look after the puppies while I'm out and about.


OH HELL!  Got busy, forgot to update.

Patchwork today was LOVELY.  I talked with lots of the ladies, and really enjoyed it for once.
I was using the wrong bloody glue with my hexi's, so had to pull them all off the card!

I have to start again, will do that tomorrow in class in Hamilton.  I hope Donna has some of the glue sticks.

I've spent a huge amount of time this afternoon organising my social walks on the FBG Social page (Facebook).  Gawd what a mission.
But it's done now and should be easier from here on in.

I've got dinner to sort next, then WW, then my walk.

So go! go! go!

Done.  Done and done.  *smiles*
Dinner was chicken on rice risotto, and was rather nice.

The walk went well, there were 8 of us:

ABOVE:  We had a sunset behind us and a rainbow in front of us!  It was a beautiful night for a walk, overcast with a nice cool wind.

I'm looking forward to the next one on Wednesday night.

Winding down for the day.  Mindless TV for a while, then bed.


  1. I have seen a few people making those on instagram. Lots of work!

  2. I needed a portable project last summer. I used hex foundation pieces and made a "Grandmother's Flower Garden" quilt top.

  3. What is the size of the finished hexie that you are doing ? mine are 1" but I just use 2.5" squares and fold the sides over. Its my third hand piecing project, I know one took 10 years to complete

  4. You could make a lovely table runner from these hexis. I love this. If I had patience I'd give these a go. But, no time, no patience :)

  5. Wow! They're beautiful, and the carpenter cake you decorated was quite clever.

  6. I've made hundreds for a quilt in my dad's memory. I've yet to put them together but they're all in plastic bags they're of sneakers cause he loved walking, flowers for his flower garden, milk bottles, rugby, chooks, Scouts, you get my drift. All the things he loved and the memories I have of him.

  7. Hey hey miss sewer extraordinaire what about your UFO!! Lol glad you doing more casual walks

    1. UFO's will get done when I am inclined to do them... or not! Sometimes a UFO will never get finished cos I just fell out of love with it! Those ones (and there ain't many) might just end up being given to someone else to finish. *smiles*

  8. Ohhhh I keep forgetting to ask how the new toilets?

    1. They are just perfect... 'things' go where they are supposed to go now. lol


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