Saturday, November 25, 2017


Today I've got a few little videos for you, all of the puppies:

ABOVE:  I felt so sorry for them, it's so hot!  It's not even officially 'Summer' yet and we have stinking hot weather.
At least they are all getting groomed next week, that will help them feel cooler for sure.

In the meantime, they can play with ice!  

This morning I will go out and buy them a paddle pool.... let's see what they make of that.

Surprise, surprise!  Stew came home last night with beans for the bean bags!

ABOVE:  He got three big bags full, but that wasn't enough for both bean bags.  We will get more today.  Cute seat eh?

They are going to be lovely down under the trees.

This afternoon is the Fat Bottomed Girls End of Challenge Celebration... a pot luck afternoon tea type thing, a few drinks, a lot of laughs, and catching up with all the girls. It should be a nice afternoon.


And, just like that, plans change.
We are going to be rather busy in the garden today, it's a cloudy day, so perfect for it.
We also plan on going into Hamilton for lunch with the kids and do some pre-Christmas shopping.

Keera needs a new bike, so I shall be sussing out her size so 'Santa' knows which one to get.
And I want to get a few things that might not be available closer to Christmas.  Been caught out like that before!

I'm in a foul mood. Today is ending early.


  1. The puppies are so cute. Love the beanbag. It's gorgeous. Hope tomorrow's a better day Chris.

  2. Love the bean bag. Shame your day turned to crap. Hope tomorrow is better

  3. The puppies are growing so quickly...gorgeous!

  4. I love your little video clips of Marley and Denim. I hope that you have a happier day today (Sunday).


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