Thursday, November 16, 2017


Finally, a day that's not too busy.

First up... Keera to school.

Then I'm going into Hamilton to get some groceries.  Sadly, it's kinda essential I do, cos we be running out of lots of stuff.  Like spaghetti.  And OMG, some people in this house LIVE on spaghetti!

You'd think their throats were cut with none in the house.  And pies.  Griffin has a pie for lunch every day... and we ran out of them ages ago.

At least when I get it all home the big kids can help put it all away.

While in Hamilton I will be going to Spotlight for more hexie cards.  I only got 300 on the weekend, and I need more!

Tonight Keera is having a 'camp' at her school.  Her age group are having a 'sleep over' in their classrooms.  They will be having dinner at school, evening activities and so on.  Then on Friday they will be fed at school, have special activities again during the day,  before being picked up at 3 pm, as per usual.

I hope she has an amazing time! 

I am attending a Scentsy party at a FBG girl's home tonight too.  I love the stuff.  I have a burner on in the garage every day, it masks the smell of dogs!

I want another burner for the family room... the smell of the wax melts is just so lovely.  Far and above better than incense or an oil burner.

So, looking forward to my day.


Well it's been one BUSY DAY after all!

I dropped Keera off at school, and on my way home I realised that I was driving MY CAR.... when I should have been driving Stew's car!

Cos MY car was supposed to be taken into Hamilton by Stew, and dropped off at the garage to get it's new brake pads.

So, I took it in and switched cars with him.

Then I went to Spotlight for more hexie cards, but they only had ONE lot left.
So I got them, then went out to Grandmother's Garden at Gordonton and got more.

The difference between the two places?

100 cards for $7.99 at Spotlight.
75 cards for $9 at Grandmother's Garden.

Hmmmm... won't be getting them at GG's again that's for sure!

ABOVE: I did get a thread holder from GG's though, cos it was cool!

After that I did the grocery shopping... and came home.  The kids carried it all in for me and we all put it away.  Quite a mission as I did a BIG shop.

After that I had a conversation with our insurance company and the Camera shop about my camera.  They are REPAIRING it!

It better work properly once I get it back!  

After that it was pick up Keera time, then pack her bags/sleeping stuff for tonight's sleep over at school.

I've not even had time to have lunch yet!  (it's now 3.40 pm)

NOW I have to make a plate for tonight's Scentsy party, and sort out dinner too.  

And I thought it was going to be a quiet day!  pffffft!

Well the Scentsy party was lovely, I got another warmer and some more wax melts too.
I got home around 10, and have spent the next 3 hours mucking around with Hexie's!

It's time for bed!


  1. If you start sewing your hexies together you can reuse yours cards.

  2. I'm glad you are getting use out of the burner.

  3. Audrey1:44 PM

    If you are glueing the hexies rather than basting, will you be able to remove the cards and re-use? Just a thought.

  4. Can you show what you do with the cards? Keeras age seems so little for a sleepover. That's some brave people in charge with a bunch of little kids for the night lol

  5. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Maybe you can order your cards online from spotlight ?


  6. I recently became a Scentsy consultant, it's amazing stuff. :)

  7. Another option is Fiskars make punches in various sizes so that you can make your own card shapes. I found that out when I was 3/4 of the way through making mine

    1. Alrighty then... I will look tomorrow when I'm in town. Thanks!

  8. Oh I think I have a punch like that back from my Creative memories days too.

    Some day when I have sewing room a big thread rack like that will be nice.


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