Thursday, November 02, 2017


I am completely OVER making Keera a nice lunch, only to have it come home not eaten.

I send her to school with ONE sandwich, two biscuits and usually a piece of fruit like a banana or apple.  I used to add some other treats like cheese/crackers/fruit in a tube/blocks of luncheon and so on.

But she would only eat the treats, so I've slowly dropped it down to just the sandwich, biscuits and fruit.  NOW, she's only eating the bloody biscuits!

It's doing my head in cos she then gets home hungry and wants a big afternoon tea.  If I give her a big afternoon tea, she won't eat her dinner!

I feel like I can't win.  Getting that kid to eat 'normally' is damn hard.

Tomorrow I'm sending her to school with ONE sandwich.  That's it.  She is not going to just eat the nice biscuits and leave the sandwich and fruit.

Let's see if the little madam eats her sandwich!

Rant over.

I'm going on a FBG walk this morning.  It's a nice easy one, so I should be fine.  My hips are still sore, but hey, I'm getting used to that.

Stew put netting over the gate at the end of the dog run a few days ago.  Coco clawed it off along the bottom yesterday, and the pups got out... into our bigger back yard.  Thank god I was home and saw them and put them back and blocked up the gaps!
I knew there was a reason I didn't put them outside unless I could watch them.

Coco is a massive escape artist, it's really hard making sure she can't escape!  She's one clever dog!   Just when ya think you have all the possible escape routes blocked off, she finds another way.  Silly girl though, there was no way she could squeeze through the gate gaps!  

I will be sorting out the gate later on, so the pups are not able to get through there again.

If it's not little girls frustrating me, it's little girl dogs.  *smiles*


This morning's walk was EXCELLENT!  Not hot at all, lovely company and a nice area to walk around.  TOWN...  Lots to look at and see when ya walk around the town centre.

We ended up having a coffee/hot chocolate afterwards too, which is always nice.

ABOVE:  'K' in the middle photo... she finished all the walks in Cambridge and Leamington today, she just has St Kilda to go now.  We were admiring that new wrought iron gate (as yet unpainted).  It leads into a-diction, a new espresso bar located INSIDE the local Paper Plus shop.  

That's where we had morning tea too... very nice bloke, with AMAZING ginger crunch!

Since getting home I've put the puppies out to play and hung out the washing.  I wound the lines up so they are not sagging so much... but doing that puts more strain on the posts.

At some point they will fall over!  

There's cows over the neighbour's back fence, so about 100 metres away... bellowing over something. Noisy tarts. 

ABOVE: A good photo of the girls I walked with this morning, and the gate.

ABOVE:  I tried water marbling this afternoon.  Remind me NOT to try that ever again would ya?  Total disaster, made even worse when I tried adding bloody dots!

I just ordered some paint on latex stuff, to stop the nail polish from sticking to my fingers when I dip it in the water and polish.  YES, I am going to try it again!  lol
Woman's prerogative to change her mind eh?  *smiles*

A quiet evening in store... puppy playing, TV, then bed.


  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Hehehe fun times did you manage to find the nail stuff? George's Mum

  2. Hi Chris...same problem with Klowie when she stayed with if the lunch wasn't eaten, before she had any more afternoon tea, her lunch had to be consumed or she had to wait until dinner time. Simple. They will not starve themselves. :-)

  3. Why dont you try giving Keera cubes of Luncheon and cheese with some crackers instead of a sandwich. She may prefer the finger type things over a sandwich. Its still basically the same food but served a different way. Maybe a few carrot sticks and sultanas and grapes as well.

    1. Hi Dee.. I have already done that... she ate the crackers. Nothing else.
      And then she told me she wanted her sandwich in her lunchbox! As I said, I can't win.

    2. Sure cant Chris. Thankfully mine pretty much ate what was put in front of them. As they got to high school it became make it yourself

    3. Brylee and Griffin get MONEY to buy theirs... no way am I going through all that X's 3 now days!

  4. Funny Dante eats his sandwiches and fruit and leaves the nice stuff then archer eats them when we get home 😂😂 kids aye there weird creatures

  5. Like Dee, my kids -- 7 and 12 -- eat what is in front of them (thank God) or whatever is in their lunchboxes. When they were in pre-school I never started putting treats in their lunches, and I still don't (OK, on a rare occassion I do :) ), I know if they get used to seeing treats in there, they will nag me onto my last nerve, plus I don't want extra junk food in the house, as I would just eat it all.... sigh. Christy xxxxx

  6. What if you and Keera spend 10 minutes packing her lunch the night before. If she "packs it" she might be more likely to be keen to eat it. I had the same issue with Paige. Nightmare!!

    1. I agree with Kittie. I used to get my kids to pack thier own lunches under supervision of course so they just didnt pack crap... but also if I didnt buy the crap they couldnt have it

  7. Hopefully your tactic work to get her to eat her lunch. Your area looks like a great place for walking. Nice crowd of gals you get to hang around with. Keep up the good work.

  8. I think my Melissa was doing that with her nails too. Love that gate, what a fun picture!


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