Monday, November 20, 2017


First up for the day, get Keera to school then go into Hamilton to talk to the AA guys.

There is an issue with the payout on my camera.  They ain't done their sums properly ... and no amount of trying to explain it over the phone works.  Grrrrr.  First time I've ever had trouble with the AA.  edit:  and I have to apologise to the AA... I had a THREE DAY BLONDE MOMENT... lying in bed last night and FINALLY, all the numbers added up in my stoopid head!  So... all is good, and my camera is being fixed.

After that, home to do some housework.

Tonight I have a walk organised... I think it's about 4.6 kms again.

Before that I have Weight Watchers, just going to the local group... social meeting for me.  I weigh in on a Friday still.  I decided not to change my day after all that!

Stew got the shade sail all finished last night:

 ABOVE:  Stew pulled the grasses/plants out that were in the gravel... so it's all tidy.
At some point before next winter we will put in pavers or concrete strips.

ABOVE:  It's a perfect fit for my car... hoping for a hot day so I can see how well it works to keep my car from getting boiling hot inside.

The colour of the sail is a perfect match to our house!  Thrilled with it.

Right, I'm off to get Miss Muppet ready for school, get some washing on, check on the puppies, who are outside playing, bla bla bla.


It is a glorious, sunshiny day out there!  So, a great test for the shade sail.

Now... off to do some housework.

ABOVE:  Just spent a bit of time printing out pictures of stuff I've made, and ideas for things to make in the future.  I then stuck them on my sewing room walls... filling up gaps.  Still got room for more... but that can wait till I've actually made more! lol

It is still a perfect summer's day out there, bodes ? for a fairly warm walk tonight I think.  I will be making my walks later on in the evening soon, so I don't overheat!

I'm happy to say the car stayed relatively cool under the shade sail... so that's a win!

WW tonight... sitting there and ... everyone going on my walk tonight cancelled.  In fact, the two definitely going had no intention of coming!  One was too tired and the other had forgotten she had put 'Going' on it.  The 'Maybes' all backed out too... so NO WALK.

I'm left feeling like... why did I bother?  So much for dozens of them saying they wanted to keep walking over summer.


I'm now eating dinner and watching TV.  Tomorrow Aqua Fit starts again... so I will do that until the FBG Challenge starts up again in 2018 I suppose.

And do a few walks in the late evenings on my own, or with Stew.

Crabby now.  Signing off for the day.


  1. The shade sail is a great idea. I'll be interested to see how it goes keeping the car cool. Might have to look at something similar here.

  2. Stew has done a grand job with the shade sail he a great DIY man I'm sure his supervisor was an asset xx

  3. Shade shade sail looks great...great idea.

    Bugger about the walk....don't stop them, you and Stew do some walks together.

  4. I wish I could go on the walks with you.

  5. That's a perfect fit for the car and use a foul sun shade to further keep the car cooler. Shame about the walk but keep it up even if just by yourself any walk is better than none.


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