Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Tuesday morning I woke up feeling really crabby about the changes to the WW's programme.  Yet AGAIN.
And so I mulled over it for several hours, and then I made up my mind.

I cancelled by membership.  

I don't need to be going to an organisation for an hour a week just to be constantly annoyed by their programme!

And seriously, half the reason I was going was to get to know people here in Cambridge!  

TOTAL waste of money!  Total waste of time buying any of their products, as they DO keep changing shit which makes their products redundant.  I have been caught out like that before... and not even once.

So I quit!

Now I have to sit down and work out what I am going to do!  I KNOW what works for me, so I shall probably go out and buy a good calorie counting book and do it that way.

Stew can weigh me once a week, I will record it and be accountable that way.

I've messaged several ladies I have gotten quite friendly with at the local WW's meeting, and we are going to keep in touch.

So I don't feel so bad about it.

I am technically still a member until Boxing Day, as I'm paid up till then.  So I will still go to the local meeting till then. 

So today?  I'm going into Hamilton to a good bookshop, to find a calorie counting book.
I might try and do a little bit of shopping too... Dante's birthday is in three weeks, so I need to get him a gift.
Then of course there's Xmas shopping to be done for little grandkids.  Big grandkids are getting cash or vouchers, so they can get what they want. 

I dare not leave it much longer or I won't be able to find what I want!

And that's about all I have for now.  Catch ya later.


Yaaa a successful morning shopping.  Brylee came with me and we got most of the presents for the little kids,  and Dante's birthday present.  So I can tick that job off my list.

After that we came home and I've been doing some sewing.

I heard back from one of my WW leaders:

"Hi Chris, I understand how the change could stress you out, I was initially quite shocked with them too, but like everything you've got to trust the experts and the process. It people's whole job to research the latest nutritional science and update the programme.

The programme is always going to change, medical staff and educators wouldn't continue practicing what is no longer considered best practice in the field, and it's the same with us too. "

She was trying to explain the reasoning behind the new changes.  Still doesn't wash with me. 
I just see it as another money making process...and I'm not going to be spending $700+ a year on an organisation that pisses me off!

And now... I'm going to put me feet up and watch something on TV till it's time to go and get Keera from School.

THUNDER for ages!  Finally... some rain.  Hope it cools things down overnight. 

Tonight I'm cutting out another Christmas Bag... I need to make 4 more then I'm done.  

Not much else to report so will sign off for the day.


  1. Hi Chris, I use an app on my phone and iPad called 'Lose it'. You can put in your meals and it'll track your calories ( and your carbs, fat, protein etc ) you can scan barcodes of products and take photos of your meals, track your weight etc. and it gives you a projected date for when you'll reach your goal. I really like it. There's a free version or you can pay for extra features. 😊

  2. Anonymous9:45 AM


    Maybe you could weigh in with your dr or nurse once a fortnight or month ? or maybe you are entitled to see a dietitian either free or at a reduced price ? as a control ? I went to a dietitian a few years back and got some really good advice that fitted in with my lifestyle at that time and it is still relevant to me now...I found when I stuck to the 1250 calories I lost 14 kilos in 4 months. I am now trying that again...a really good calorie counter from a newsagent is Dr Allan Boroshek Calorie Counter it is an Australian one.


  3. WW make themselves a shed load of $$ by changing things up every couple of years. Like you say, you know what works for you (don't we all), the challenge is sticking to is (my downfall - hello wine & chocolate!!). Maybe you could start your own weekly "Fat Club" with a group of other local women, host it at each others houses once a week/fortnight/month, have a weigh in & the hostess can pick a topic to discuss - sort of like WW but without having to buy the books etc.

  4. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Tracy's post made me laugh...just like me wine and chocolate and I know exactly what to do it is the doing it that is hard! I often thought of that idea too, just having an informal group of friends/people for a weight loss group...I also think a month of Jenny Craig or similar is really good for a fast loss and inspiration to keep going with the diet..

  5. I use the app My Fitness does everything I need it to do as I count calories. It also scans barcodes, a big help to me.

    1. I agree, it is excellent. Barcode scanner is the best! And if you ever decide to track something else like carbs, or fat, or protein, for whatever reason, it does that too so you wouldn't have to learn a whole new system. On your phone, or on your computer, or both, it is really good. And you can play around with your goals and it will change your calorie need or whatever to help you nut out what you want to do.

  6. Good on you for quitting. WW is just a money making business. I've joined a couple of "secret facebook" groups where we support one another. I would welcome you but we eat Ketogenic and I am not telling you how to eat or what to do. My message is that you can find FREE support now with social media. Have you considered making your own SECRET weightloss support group and have some of your ww loss buddies join there. One of the groups I am in has a step challenge going for the next 28 days. we use "" for our leaderboard. We are all going to buy the winner a wee (Mzx. $10) prize at the end. Its lite hearted fun and keeps us motivated.

    1. Actually that is a good idea, a closed FB Group to support & help each other. There was one a few years ago I was part of and also I have another one with a group of friend where we share our updates on walks we have done (lets just say my stories are short & sporadic) but seeing what the others do is inspiring :-).

  7. Trust the experts...and hand over your money! No thanks!
    You should put the money away you would spend on it for a new wardrobe! :)

  8. Anonymous3:38 PM

    I totally would be pissed off too! The diet industry is designed for people to fail that is why they make millions of dollars every year,it is also designed to keep changing so people spend a lot of money on merchandise only for it to change a year later because people will invest more money hoping that the next big thing will work.It's a load of shit,keep doing what you are doing because why fix something that isn't broken? What you have been doing is working.

  9. Lol , we got to 37 today now we are waiting for the storm to hit. At the moment it has missed us and gone to the north but we have weather warnings out for the next 24 hours.
    It will be interesting to see what you get out of it. I was once told that our weather is very similar to Auckland. Thank goodness for ac/ heat pump

  10. I can't believe those foods are all free points. As you say it's a jack up to change everything and make more money. I've joined buttabeanmotivational. They give you recipes for 3 meals a day plus your exercise regime. Just need to plan but the motivation is good so far.


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