Saturday, October 15, 2016


I stubbed me little toe 2 days ago.

ABOVE:  Dante wanted to know why my toe was like a sausage?  Why was it all big and fat?

It hurt like hell when I did it, and it's still freakin' sore.

Steve is taking Matt to Hamilton airport first thing this morning, he's flying back to Invercargill... and back to life without screaming toddlers and pre-schoolers.  Something tells me he is going to delay 'fatherhood' for a decade now!  lol

Steve, Stew and Griffin will be heading out after breakfast to do more prep work for the deck Steve is building for Stew's boss.  Meanwhile, Bex, the three littlies and I will probably go ... SHOPPING.  

We will endeavour to get the kids good and tired so they don't wreck havoc when we get them home again!

Those three kids are SO LOUD... and Archer?  He's in destruct mode right now, and 'touch everything' mode too !  It's amazing what mischief he gets into.

So that's us for now.

Catch ya later.


 ABOVE:  The two monkeys pretending to be asleep.  

Bex, the kids and I went into Hamilton to check out Knit World in Victoria street... and even I found something!

 ABOVE:  They had a small selection of fabric.  So I grabbed some... of course!

 ABOVE:  I even got some wool to try making some socks.  

ABOVE:  This is the wool Bex got.  She is going to be making little blankets for babies in NICU in the hospital.  She's made lots of wee hats for the hospital NICU too.

It's lunch time now and we are home again.  I've got heaps of housework to do... so that's what I'll be doing this afternoon... unless I can find something better to do.  *smiles*

HOW did I do me toe in?  I smacked it into the corner of a cabinet.  I was carrying a basket of washing so didn't judge the distance too well.  Shit happens.

The guys came home for lunch... so we spent an hour or two enjoying family time.  An ice cream truck came down our road, so we all ran outside and got an ice cream too.

Then Steve and I popped down to Mitre 10 for a few bits 'n bobs... for my next 'building' project.  I will show you when I've finished it.  It's quite a big project.

Now it's stopped raining (again), the guys have gone back to the job.

The guys couldn't do as much as they wanted to do on the job today... as the owner (Stew's boss) hadn't got all the wood.
So they came home fairly early.  We had takeaways for dinner... nice and easy.

Time to wind down for the night.
The guys are watching rugby, and I will cut out 5 inch blocks for a little quilt for Keera.


  1. How did you manage that???

  2. OUCH!!! That looks bloody sore :-(

  3. O my gosh - that looks so painful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea- tell us how you managed that?

  4. wAT a gorgeous photo of the kids 'sleeping'

  5. Anonymous12:59 PM

    What an awesome thing for Bex to do. My baby was in nicu and I we recieved hats and other bits someone had knitted for them . So Bex thank you kindly from someone who was touched by the kindness of someone like you x

  6. Ouch that toe does look sore! Love the fabrics you got-it's hard to find good girly prints but I'm loving these. Great photo of those two pretending to be asleep-the have the pose perfected!!

  7. What no coronation street last night?

  8. Ouch! That's so nice of Bex making stuff for the NICU


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