Monday, October 10, 2016


Almost back to normal around here, how about a few more happy family photos?

 ABOVE:  Time to say goodbye to Bex's family.  We were so lucky to spend so much time with them.

ABOVE:  Typical of Steve.. what more can I say?  lol

Today Mum, Keera and I are going to Tauranga for the day.  We are meeting up with 4 of my Mum's brothers and their wives for lunch, and doing some shopping.

SHOPPING...oh fun!


Well we are in Tauranga having a wonderful time.

My Mum is lunching with her brothers and sister-in-laws... and Keera and I are finished lunch and now Keera's playing in the cafe playground.

And do I have a funny story to tell you later!

Home from Tauranga at around 5 pm.  We had just the most lovely day.  My Mum was thrilled to bits to see her brothers and wives.

First up, we did some business of Mum's, then we stopped at the Bernina Shop, where Mum and I both bought some fabric.

Then we went to lunch with the family:

ABOVE:  The 'group'.

 ABOVE:  My Mum is the eldest of 10 children.  Her mother (my Nana) had 5 daughters, then 5 sons.  Mum is here with 4 of her 5 brothers.  Her youngest brother lives down the bottom of the South Island, so he couldn't be here.

 ABOVE:  Keera in the playground.

FUNNY STORY:  Keera needed to go to the bathroom, so we traipse off to the bathroom in the Mitre 10 building.

She's a bit ahead of me.... and as I round a corner to catch up with her, I see her holding her dress up and pulling her knickers down... in front of a row of toilets ON DISPLAY in the shop!!!

I had to yell at her to 'KEERA, STOP!' before she actually sat on one and pee'd on the shop floor!

It was hysterical!  Several people were laughing their heads off at us.  Too funny.

I told our group about it on our return from the bathroom, and they erupted into laughter too.

 ABOVE:  These are the fabrics my Mum bought to take back with her to Australia.

ABOVE: And these are fabrics I bought...

ABOVE:  And I'm going to make Keera a quilt with this fabric.

Right, that's our day done and dusted.  I cooked bacon/mince/tomato pasta for dinner.  It was delicious.

Time to sign off for the day.  Got lots to do tonight, as Keera starts Kindy tomorrow!


  1. Interesting title Chris

    1. Yep I was frazzled and tired 😁

  2. What a wonderful few days and the perfect way to celebrate Steve & Bex's wedding with close family and friends, lots of love & laughs. It is going to be quiet with everyone gone, the kids back at school and just Miss 4 to look after.

    1. And soon Miss Muppet will be in kindy too.

  3. That little Keera is so precious. Love all the happy family pictures- I am so pleased to see you having good times now.

  4. That's a story for her 18th party. Love it.

  5. I love the fairy fabric, it's very sweet!

  6. Keera is not the first and won't be the last child to try & use the display loos - in many cases they were not stopped in time :-). I am sure she will have a ball at kindy tomorrow too.

  7. What a wonderful few days of celebrations you have had. Looks like the perfect way to celebrate Steve and Bex's wedding. How wonderful for your mum to meet up with her brothers and looks like a great time at lunch. Every time I go to Mitre 10 I will think of Keera and the toilets!!

  8. oh yea you go my awesome little Muppet xx omg that would of been so funny I would of weeeed myself from laughter watching her hahahaha.....oh Keera you are so totally awesome xoxo xoxo I am still laughing xoxo

  9. lol that's too funny! Love the fabrics!


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