Thursday, October 06, 2016


I will be brief for now.

We were very late getting to bed last night... so we have slept in.

Today we will be sorting things out for the weekend.
Doing some grocery shopping.
Odd jobs around the house, and showing Mum the house and yard in the daylight.

That's all for now!


So far so good.
Everyone is feeling a bit jaded though.
My Mum and I are in town getting supplies for THE WEDDING. .Food, wine,nibbles and so on.

Its a shitty wet day. Fingers crossed it improves soon.

Nearly dinnertime, and I still don't know how many will be here for dinner!
Never mind, it's takeaways tonight as we are all to jaded to cook.

ABOVE: My Mum loves cows, she got her apron on so I took a photo....oh and gave her the cow cushion... cos she loved it.  Yeah, she loved the cow painting too... but I'm keeping that! *smiles*

11.28 pm:  well we have spent a lovely evening with Steve, Bex and her family.  Lots of catching up for them.
Both the little boys are full of coughs and colds sadly, so Steve and Bex are exhausted from sleepless nights.  So typical when you have big plans for the next few days.

We have all now headed off to bed.  
So, signing off for the day.



  1. Hi Chris...Just a quick question. Was your Mum flying Jet Star out of Coffs? Enjoy your time with her and all the family at this special time.

  2. Haha.... all the cows in that photo!! Your Mum is looking happy and lovely - good times for sure :)

  3. Must be nice having your mum here, visiting. I'm assuming the wedding is in the weekend at some point. Hope you all enjoy the joyous occasion and getting to spend time with mum/grandma while shes here.

  4. Your mum looks very happy! Love the cow cushion too. Best wishes to Steve and Bex for their wedding. I hope it is a beautiful day for you over there.

  5. Ah your Mum looks lovely, Enjoy her while you can!

  6. Ah your Mum looks lovely, Enjoy her while you can!

  7. yeaaa go the supper granny moooo-myster lol hehe xx 😆

  8. Love the apron...just look at that smile.

  9. Hi Grandma <3 Love you <3

  10. Ohhh how lovely all those cow items take a photo of your painting make a print up of it for your mum maybe? a framed picture smaller, we had TORRENTIAL rain here today ... I should imagine you all felt tired and it will take a couple days too recover.

  11. Have a great celebration. Hope the weather clears.


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