Thursday, October 20, 2016


Well... in answer to your guess BLONDIE, no, it's not her name under the pink border.
And no, I won't be attaching buntings to her bed as that would be dangerous.  Bunting cord... yeah, NAH.

As soon as I have good lighting, and somewhere to hang the quilt, I will show you how it looks now.

After I've done a bit more sewing, I am going into Hamilton to get some more groceries... we have a long weekend coming up, and Steve, Bex and the boys will be here for three days.

The guys are hoping to get the bulk of the deck constructed this weekend. Steve is building it for Stew's boss, here in Cambridge.

Some good news.  Fitbit are sending me a new tracker band, and I should have it in about a week.  Very thankful, as it was out of warranty, and I couldn't find the freakin' receipt either!
One company that stands by it's products, very impressed.

So, that's me for now.  Catch ya later.


 ABOVE:  I adder a blue border and Prairie Points!  When the quilt is tucked in, you will not see the pink border.  It is a perfect fit on Keera's little bed.

What do ya think of it?  OH and yes, I've gone and hung it upside down.  lol

Keera only has a half day at Kindy today, so I'm going into Hamilton to do the grocery shop while she's still at Kindy.

Shopping is done. So relieved I took the  car out of the garage this morning! We have no power from 9 this morning till 4 this afternoon. 

Rather inconvienient I must say. I had to lug all the groceries in through the front door. 

I hope nothing defrosts in that time. 

Off to pick up Keera shortly.

1.38 pm:  and the power has come back on earlier than expected.  Yaaaa.
I'm beetroot red in the face right now... been unpacking the groceries for over an hour!  It required some more re-arranging of me cupboards.

At some point further down the track I am sure I will finally settle on where everything goes!
Right now, it's still a juggling act.

FELICITY:  Shit a brick, like I need a fully grown granddaughter who is near to my age!  Nah mate, you can be me sister.  *smiles*

5.00 pm:  Just got dinner in the oven.  Roast chicken pieces in a sweet 'n' sour sauce. Hash browns on top.

AND I've booked Stew and I into the movies for tomorrow night.  We are watching the new Tom Hanks movie, Inferno.  It's a follow on from two previous movies in the series.  I haven't seen Angels and Demons, which was the 2nd movie, so I hope it doesn't matter?

Yet another nice day done and dusted.  Time for bed.


  1. Awesome news about your tracker they are so good about replacing them

  2. The quilt is as cute as can be....your talent always amazes me.

  3. Keera will love it, not just because it's beautiful but also because her grandma made it.

  4. keera is a very lucky young miss she will love her quilt...just wondering if you want another grand daughter you can adopt ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love how you pick the right color every time to make your quilts/sewing pop!

  6. Quilt looks great. Those prairie points really pop

  7. All garage doors have a power override - it's a cord you pull and then you manually open the door. It's so you never get locked in a garage. Maybe find it and figure it out for future reference? In case there is another power cut and your car is in the garage :) I love the quilt, especially the points and blue edge.

    1. There were quite a few Remuera residents a few weeks back that did not know of this magical manual cord and were struck in their homes during a power cut as they could not get the Merc or the Audi out of the garage to go get their morning latte & get to the park to walk the shitzu :-).

    2. Haha Tracy - people need to acquaint themselves with the safety aspects of garage doors :)

    3. Oi Tracy... are you implying that Snobby Remuera'ites only have Shih Tzu's and don't know about the garage door cord??? I found the freakin cord. I am sure to use it next time there's a power cut... so I can go to the park with the shih tzu's. ha ha ha!!! Only joking with you... I could never be like a Remuera-ite, even if I didn't know about the cord and I DO have Shih Tzu's.

    4. No Chris... you are even worse than a Remuera'ite now.... you live in Cambridge!! The Remuera of the South... just kidding. I'm glad you found the manual cord :)

  8. I hate it when we lose our electricity - seems it always happens right when you need it! We seem to lose ours a lot. The quilt is getting more beautiful each day -can't wait to see it on the bed.

  9. Sister will do I guess
    Have u tried watching 2nd Tom hanks movie online or a quick visit to the hire shop. I did that last week with Bridget jones I still can't decide if I seem the others or just all the hype. As it happens Bridget jones baby a good laugh and on my books a must c and possibly the best of the 3

  10. I thought the quilt looked lovely as it was yesterday, but now it looks sensational!! I wish I had half your creativity! Fit Bit are awesome... I let them know I'd lost my Fitbit One - it'd fallen off... and they sent me another. Brilliant customer service!

  11. The quilt is gorgeous. Looking forward to hearing about Inferno and whether you enjoy it. I'm keen to see it but I need to arrange some babysitting first...easier said than done.

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  13. Very cute quilt and I'm sure Kiera will love it. The prairie points really add an extra zing to it. I only recently learned how to open the garage door when the power goes off -first house I've had an electric opener!

  14. Ahhhh of course cord kids what was I thinking I do however love love the border and points, how pretty Keera will be in heaven.


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