Sunday, October 30, 2016


I'm pretty sure most of us are going to try for a sleep in today.

Steve is certainly going to give it a go... he's on the go every day, all day.  

Once he's finished the deck etc here in Cambridge, he's going to take a break from weekend work down here, and just do his 'normal' work up in Auckland.

We have decided to get him to build a pergola over our patio, but not until next year.  It will cost a fraction of the cost of an Archgola.

I got a quote from the Archgola guy down here, and to do HALF our patio with an Archgola, with two curtains, is going to cost over $10,000.  

So, nah.  We will do the cheaper version and do a wooden pergola instead.  Sensible.

Back to today... I've got to sort out the washing that Bex did for me yesterday.  Get it all in off the line and away... bla bla bla.  You know, usual housework type shit.

It's also time to put some lettuce and tomato plants in the gardens for summer salads.  So a visit to the garden centre is on the cards too.

And that is all for now.  Catch ya later, have a lovely day.


ABOVE:  Our big, brave, ferocious Tallulah, scared of a centipede!  Yep, she didn't like that bugger at all.  Too funny!

Bex and I have been busy beavers this morning.

ABOVE:  Bex pulling all the leeks out... they didn't come to much.

ABOVE:  In their place, she put in the lettuces and tomatoes.  We went for small acid free tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

 ABOVE:  I pulled out half of the parsley plants, and put in 10 strawberry plants.  We also got a bird proof covering for them too.

 ABOVE:  Hopefully the birds don't get into them now.  The little kids are really enjoying watching the strawberries ripen so they can eat them.

And he's very proud of it too.  And so he should be, it's an awesome deck.  Bloody huge too.

Well after a stinking hot day, it has finally cooled down.  I can see us using our air conditioner a lot this summer.

Time to wind down ready for bed.


  1. Great job done for everyone. Steve be pleased it's over. Looks huge

  2. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Wow that is wonderful. I love that deck. I also love your house and garden. You must be very happy with what you guys have accomplished!

    Belinda in USA

  3. Wow what an awesome job Steve you must be very proud of yourself..

  4. Fantastic deck Steve :-)

  5. What's going on the top of those poles? Are they for a shade sail or something? Great deck Steve !!

    1. Initially they had planned to continue the pergola on, but now they are thinking of putting up a shade sail instead.

  6. It is so nice to see you have a garden this year! I think that will help me get through my blasted Winter. Steve has every right to be Proud - he did a wonderful job.

  7. Great job. Looks great!

  8. Awesome work Steve you are such a hard worker, and should be so proud of the work you have produced. ( thumbs up )

  9. The deck looks great - well done Steve (and assistants - Griffin and Stew). I'm loving your garden - I'm envious! I wish mine was half as pretty!

  10. Bunch of busy little bees over there! Bex is so nice to help you so much!


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