Monday, October 03, 2016


So cool.  Stew has this week off work, so he can spend some time with me and the kids.
We are going into Hamilton at some point as I have an appointment with a nail salon.  It's the first time I will be going to a 'proper' nail salon, as opposed to one of the Vietnamese joints in the malls.

Sure, it is going to cost double, but at least I won't be opening myself up to a possible nail infection.
I think I've decided on the polish I want... hopefully they can do it.

I have a couple more photos from yesterday, I couldn't resist showing them... cos they are funny as!

ABOVE:  Griffin was going to tackle Lacy to get the ball off her... see how she felt about that!

ABOVE:  And goodness knows what THAT pose is all about!  Too funny.

OK... time to get moving... there's a few odd jobs to get done before we head out to Hamilton.  


4.33 pm: Well hello!  I've been busy today, so haven't been back on the computer at all till now.

After doing a few odd jobs around the house and in town (Cambridge) we finally went into Hamilton to get my nails done.

ABOVE:  I went for this look, cos it's a bit different and I don't think it looks like I've got dirt under me nails  *smiles*.

10.17 pm: Well it's been a nice day, and the dinner Stew cooked tonight was really nice, Butter Chicken.  Everyone liked it.

For my own record:  N/M (1-10):  10


  1. Happy Birthday to Brylee for yesterday. You can see you get lots of rain, you grass sp noce and green. Very dry here and in the midd.le of a drought, we hoping for some rain soon. I have borehole water here which I try keep the garden watered, but the sun is so hot its burning everything to smitherings.

  2. Family fun in the backyard..... lovely! It must be so nice to have moved and loving your new place so much. xxxx

  3. Nails look nice Chris, and it doesnt look like you have dirt under them * unlike some of the others you were looking at ;-)

  4. Nails look awesome mum... nice look... will go great with the dress too.

  5. Nice nails... yes the lighter blue looks lovely and not like dirt under your nails :)

  6. I love that blue nail!

  7. A Happy Belated Birthday to Brylee. Love your nails, they look gorgeous!

  8. Love the nails, the blue looks gorgeous and no - it does not look at all like dirt :-).

  9. Gorgeous nails :)

  10. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Lovely lovely photos and I can see that backyard being full of laughter over summer... Love the nail colour and design. It's me Blondie

  11. I was just ROLLING laughing at Lacy!!!!!!!!!!! LOL That is a wonderful memory! I think the nails are lovely.


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