Sunday, October 23, 2016


Steve is back on the job today, he's starting to make some progress on the deck ...

 ABOVE:  It's going to be a very big deck.

 ABOVE:  That is Shannon standing in the doorway, she owns the home.

 ABOVE:  See that pile of rocks behind Steve?  Well, there's about three piles of rocks that Shannon does not want, so I'm going to snag a pile for our new garden, I'm sure they will look cool in it.

ABOVE: The finished 'path' with the new pavers in the gaps, replacing the tar soaked railway sleepers.

ABOVE:  We have a baby Kowhai tree (top) and a standard Magnolia too.  I will keep that magnolia as the flowers have a divine aroma.

I walk around the yard and still CANNOT BELIEVE we own this gorgeous section!  I think I love the section MORE than the house!

 ABOVE:  We have Iris's!  It's been fun watching what's in this garden as plants come up and flower.

 ABOVE: I can so see a volleyball net on this lawn soon.

Well, I think you have probably seen enough photos of the yard by now!  So... I will wrap up for now... catch ya later.


10.50 am:  I decided it was the perfect day to paint Keera's bed.  So we put it back in the garage and Bex and I have just finished putting the undercoat on.

It won't be long till we can put on the 1st top coat.

It's not going to be a flash paint job, just pure white all over.  I want to highlight the quilt and soft furnishings rather than make the bed the highlight.  So, don't hold ya breath expecting some sort of amazing paint job!  *smiles*

3.04 pm:  and we have been very busy!  Stew's sister Khady called in on her way home, she had been in Melbourne, Australia for a little holiday.
Was lovely to see her.

The guys are still on the building site, though Stew and Griffin did pop home for lunch and to see Khady.  They took lunch back to Steve, who had kept on working.

Bex and I have now got the 1st top coat on the bed, and I've been out and bought some test pots of colour, cos I AM going to add a wee bit of colour to the bed.

Stew just dropped of some rocks, and I 'helped' him place them in the new garden.  By HELP I really mean I pointed to a rock and told Stew where to put it!  lol


ABOVE:  Oh yeah, Bex is now washing the cars... with Archer's help of course.

Dinner tonight was home made mince and potato top pies.  They went down very well.
We all ate outside as it was cooling down nicely, and we were all really hot.  It was a really busy day for everyone.


  1. Lovely to see spring arriving in NZ. Full autumn colours in France now. Only six weeks before we join you for 'Down under' summer in Ruawai. Don't give up the blog I love my daily dose of New Zealand life. Helen in France

  2. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous Chris - It's great that you are getting so much pleasure from it :)

  3. Wow it's like a park it's huge great score well worth the wait to find the house and garden. (Well perhaps well worth is stretching it s bit hey Chris)

  4. Wow - it is all so beautiful . In your last picture of the yard there is something on a pole up in the air - it entices me - can you tell me what it is ?????? Please.

    1. I'm not too sure what you are referring to? What photo...count down and let me know what number picture and what that something looks like?

    2. Possibly photo 11 Chris. There is a life preserver ring at the base of the pole ?

    3. Yep, that's probably what Webby was talking about. It's a wind catcher thingee... it spins like mad in the wind. We got it from Mitre 10, it was called a 'Lollipop' of all things.

  5. Anonymous7:04 PM


    I agree the garden looks great a nice place to spend family time in...


  6. Your garden/yard is awesome. I also love the paving stones you replaced the sleepers with. It certainly is all coming together!!

  7. Your back yard looks like it could be a backyard super model. It's beautiful!

  8. The backyard is so inviting and in the summer croquet,volleyball,rounders,big sprinkler water guns! lol

  9. Jealous of those rocks!


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