Friday, October 28, 2016


The only thing on my horizon today is a Doctor's appointment.
First one with our 'Designated' Doctor... I've seen her once before with Keera, but not for myself.

I know that my last blood test (for the blood sugars) came back way too high, so I'm expecting a telling off.  I deserve it too.  I've not been watching what I eat lately.

Keera has another half day at Kindy this morning, so she will be home by lunchtime.
Which is fine as I'm expecting Bex and the boys to arrive early this afternoon.
Steve will be down after work tonight.

This weekend he is tackling the pergola and steps, above and below the new deck.  He's done an amazing job of the deck!

Last night I stayed up late making the bunting for Keera's room, it will match her new quilt.
I can't believe how bloody long it took me to make a SHORT length of bunting!

ABOVE:  The bunting for Keera's room.

I don't think I will be making any more!  It was tedious.


Well... peace doesn't last long here.
Bex and the boys are here.
Lacy is here, and the kids are playing happily.

I went to the Doctor's and didn't get told off.  I just have to try harder to STOP EATING SHIT, and get more exercise.  She (the Dr) has sent off a 'script' to Sport Waikato, so I can go to St Peter's school for Aquacise.  I might go, if I can find something to wear!

Time to think about what's for dinner I suppose.

 ABOVE:  The 'Lollipop' wind thingee keeps falling to bits.  Might have to take it back, which is a bugger as we really like it.

 ABOVE:  I don't mind visitors when they hang out ya washing!

ABOVE:  And this one is entertaining the kids. Brylee will be relieved it's not her pulling the kids around.

Another day winds down... we are all enjoying the peace and quite that comes once the three little kids are in bed.
Archer has a tummy bug and is miserable, so lots of crying.  Poor little man.


  1. I made bunting for my grandson's room - yes fiddly but looks great. Keera will love that!!

    About your diabetes/blood sugar. I'm going to get serious now - it's not a matter of your doctor telling you off, it's a matter of the effect of high blood sugar. There was a Panorama documentary on BBC recently that every diabetic should watch. As you know, it's a hidden disease. You can feel fine but you are not. If you are interested in the documentary here is the link but I don't want anyone giving me a hard time about it... I'm just showing concern.

  2. Looks like Lacy is being kept busy there by the little folk - who look to be absolutely loving the wee cart rides.

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. I have to say... your garden and lawn are looking Amazing!!! You must be loving it there.

  4. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Oh lordy we have had tummy bug down our way 2 of our household ended up in hospital on drips and 2 ( me as one of that 2) were bedridden for 2 days NOT PRETTY...... It's me Blonde ...Lawns looking green as have a lovely family fun weekend.

  5. Hope the little one feels better. Have a fun weekend.

  6. I wish someone would come do my laundry ;) they look like they are all having a great time!

  7. Coming into summer you'll enjoy aquacise in the water, nice and refreshing. As for finding something to wear I'm a big girl so wear beach shorts and a swimming t-shirt and feel very comfortable in my own skin lol
    Do go, you'll really enjoy it 😃

  8. TS do nice cozzies for bigger girls (I know coz I wear them!) They're bringing out more in the next couple of weeks if you wanted to have a look


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