Saturday, October 29, 2016


Today Stew and I are heading up to Auckland for a family event.
We are leaving all the kids here with Bex and Steve.

Though, Steve and Griffin will be working, so it will be all up to Bex.  Hopefully Lacy pops out and gives her a hand keeping them entertained.

We shall be home late afternoon all going well.

The 'event' is a celebration of my Aunt Ethel and Uncle Frank's 50th Wedding Anniversary, and Ethel's 70th Birthday.  I hope to run into lots of my extended family there.

Following are a few photos taken yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Archer with an ENTIRE cocktail sausage in his gob!  He could hardly chew it.  He looked like a chipmunk ... lol.

 ABOVE: Archer was intrigued with Griffin's wet hair.  

ABOVE:  After swearing off sweets because of the bad blood sugar results, Stew came home with those!  I had some last night... but that is IT.  No more bad shit for me.

If I don't do it for myself, I will end up on insulin injections, and we all know how I feel about injections eh?  F*#K THAT!


5.40 pm:  And it's been the most awesome day! The family gathering was so cool, I caught up with cousins and other family members that I'd not seen in YEARS!  It was just so lovely.

 ABOVE:  My Aunt Ethel.  She's my mother's youngest sister. 

 ABOVE:  The cake... It was their 50th Wedding anniversary, and Ethel's 70th Birthay celebration.

 ABOVE:  Self explanatory really.
I thought it was a nice photo.

 ABOVE:  7 out of 10 siblings.  The one's missing were my Mum (the eldest), her sister Laura (lives in Canada) and the youngest of them all, Alan... and he lives in Milton in the South Island.

ABOVE:  Frank, Ethel and their 4 children.  

We left the gathering mid afternoon, and intended to come straight home.

But I wanted to stop in Gordonton and have a look in a craft shop there.
Only when we got there, there seemed to be a private function on in the shop, so I was about to leave when I spied an old friend of mine.

So I went in and we ended up having a lovely catch up!  Tammy and I used to pot and belong to the same Pottery Society many years ago.

Tammy still pots full time, and she runs workshops from her home, so we will no doubt be catching up again fairly soon.  It was magic seeing her again after about 10 years!

Once home we popped over to check out how Steve was going on the deck/stairs/pergola.

ABOVE: He made all the step framework today, and will be putting the steps and risers on tomorrow.  

He's doing an awesome job.

Time to head to bed.  It's been a truly lovely day.


  1. Have an awesome day.

  2. Lovely to see you had such an awesome day in Auckland. Beautiful photos and memories to treasure. What a shame your Mum wasn't able to extend her recent visit to join in the celebrations. The deck is looking great!

  3. How lovely to catch up with so many of your family :-)

  4. Steve is doing so well!! Very clever and how great to have a builder in the family... very handy. You really should let him build your pergola :)

  5. I live in Wales UK. I love to hear about your news and see the photos of the family and I envy you the closeness that you all have. You really are a special person to give so much love to everyone.

    1. Why thank you, what a lovely comment. ♥

  6. Sounds like a great day. You are fortunate to have so much family close by. And , of course, it's always fun to run into old friends. I love the deck and really like how the stairs will wrap around the whole thing..

  7. The deck looks great! It must be very satisfying to stand back and think ' I built that!' Steve will build you an awesome pergola.

  8. Ethel and your mom sure look a lot alike! What a nice party!


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