Tuesday, October 04, 2016


Well... our plans for today go like this:

Get up and go into Cambridge for an appointment.
Then get home and do some housework while Stew mows the lawns ... hopefully.   

Because we have had so much rain lately, it's debatable that the weather will hold long enough for him to get the job done.

After lunch, we are going to head into Hamilton so we can go to the movies.  The kids have been hanging out to see The Magnificent Seven... so we are all going.

Quite looking forward to that myself ... strangely!  

Right, I'm off... got an early appointment in town.


Appointment done.  Stew is busy mowing the lawns, even though the grass is wet.
I've managed to get the table cloth 'topper' done, now I have to quilt it.

 ABOVE:  table cloth ... and I have enough fabric in this line to make a few outdoor cushions.  

ABOVE:  I have a lovely wee shadow, who just want to 'help' Grandma with her sewing.  It is handy to have a little person to pass me things... I'm sure.  *smiles*  I'm getting lots of cuddles while I sew.  It's very cute.

So I thought the  table cloth was big enough... till I took it outside and laid it on the table.  Nope, not big enough.  So I have to add a border or two.
I've decided not to quilt it after all that too.  It's a table cloth, not a quilt after all.

This afternoon we went into Hamilton and saw The Magnificent Seven at the movies.  It was a good movie, we all enjoyed it.

Then we visited Amanda and Andrew,then came home.

KFC for dinner ... 

And after that, Muppet to bed, kids doing their own thing, and we watched some mindless TV.

For my own record:  N/M (1-10): 4


  1. hehe little shadow *Muppet xx

  2. Nice to have a helper.

  3. I'm sure your "shadow" is having lots of fun being her grandma's assistant :) I remember my childhood days fondly of doing the same thing. Maybe you will have to hunt out a children's sewing machine toy for her to "sew" her special projects with you :)

  4. Little helper is prob feeling little confused and security of grandma is her rock xx

    1. grandma grandad Brylee Griffin and mummy.....

  5. How exciting to have a little helper. A sewer in the making.

  6. i learned to sew from my mum, of course I was older than Keera before I was allowed to use the machine but I can remember being allowed to turn the handle (it was a hand crank machine) when mum was winding bobbins. I had a big blunt tapestry needle and learned to 'sew' with some wool and a bit of binca before I graduated to a real needle and thread. You're starting something that she'll remember for the rest of her life.

  7. Hopefully the weather improves. Nice table cloth.


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