Monday, October 17, 2016


Those bloody tar sleepers have been the bane of my life, why the previous owners thought putting them down on the paths is beyond me!

The little kids kept playing in it, and walking in it, then coming inside and getting tar on the carpet!

 ABOVE:  It took the guys a lot of hard work to get them up, they were sunk in the ground quite deep, and wedged in with the concrete too.

ABOVE:  The guys put the sleepers in this corner with the other ones we had from the seating.

I am thinking of putting a weeping crab apple tree in the inner square, and low, flowering things in the front.

I've got patchwork group today, and Keera has kindy till 3.30 pm.
I hope to go into Hamilton after patchwork to get a piece of foam cut to fit Keera's new bed.

And there's also a shit load of housework to get done, the house is very untidy after the weekend.

So, it's a full day.


3.50 pm:  Totally exhausted.
Today has been as busy as I thought it would be.
Instead of going to Patchwork group, I decided it was more important to do the grocery shopping.  So I did that... and stopped into Spotlight to get some backing for Keera's little quilt. 

Then I went to Para Rubber and bought a piece of foam to fit Keera's bed... it wasn't as cheap as I expected... in fact I should have just cut the single foam mattress down to size, but oh well, it's done now.

I've not had a chance to even start on Keera's little quilt yet, but I am going to get to it at  tomorrow's group in Hamilton.

After all that I sat and tried not to fall asleep in the 30 minutes left,  before I had to head out to pick up Keera and the big kids.  

Well... the rest of the afternoon and evening was normal... cooked pork spare ribs in a sticky rib marinade... bloody nice.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and enjoying some mindless TV.


  1. Crab apple jelly yummy!!

  2. I don't think a weeping crab apple tree has apples -does it Chris? Aren't they mainly for beauty? But, yes- crab apple jelly is sooooooooooooooo good.

    1. Oh no don't get ornamental Chris. Crab apple jelly is sòoooo good!!

  3. Para Rubber is probably very like where I work here In tassie :0 and yes.. foam isnt a cheap as people think!

    1. We are an equivalent to Australia's Clark Rubber... So Just checking.. yep.. every similar :)

  4. Are those sleepers made of wood or stone? They look like the wood that goes under railroad tracks in the USA.
    Tar on the carpet? I'm surprised your not in jail for murder, or attempted murder at least...

    1. They are wooden railway sleepers, and sadly I couldn't murder the perpetrators as they were only 3 & 4 years old. *sigh*

  5. Look like you had once super busy weekend. Love the new bed. Wish I could motivate my guy to do some yard work.


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