Wednesday, October 05, 2016


First thing this morning, I have to pop into town again... and get Miss Muppet a Dr's appointment.  I need to enrol her here, and get her a check up, make sure she's up to date with her immunisations etc.

I also have to pop into the local council to give them the dog's microchip numbers.  If I don't, I will get fined.  Yeah, NOT gunna happen.

After all that, we will be hopping in me car and heading off to Auckland to pick up me Mum.  She's coming over for the wedding, and to attend to a few personal things that she can't do from Australia.

Like see our new home!  I know she's been dying to see it, but she's not been able to get over here till now.  It's got to be a good 3 years since she came over last! 

So that's about all for now... I will update again when I can.  From me bathroom!  If you've been reading my blog for long enough, you will know why I will be blogging in me bathroom.  lol


Someone has been totally accepted back into the house:

ABOVE:  Even though sometimes Tallulah growls at her... on the whole they are getting on just fine!  

Nearly time to go into town and get my jobs done before heading off to Auckland. 

4.45 pm:  And we are home again.

My Mum's flight from Coffs Harbour to Sydney was delayed, so instead of getting into Auckland at 3.30, she was getting in at 5.30 pm.

So that's fine, we go up to Auckland, have lunch, do some shopping, then visit Bex and the boys, before it's time to go out to the airport.

OR NOT.  I got a phone call from my Mum at around 2.20 pm.  She's just arrived in Sydney, after another delay in Coffs Harbour, and she's missed the connecting flight. So they booked her on a later flight.

Now she isn't due in till 11.30 pm!  So, we drove home.

Lacy is going to babysit while Stew and I go back up after dinner.  We should be home again around 2 am.

It's going to be a long day. 

1.36 am:  got home from Auckland, with Mum, at around 12.40 am.
Did a quick tour of the house with the mother, and now we are all heading off to bed.


  1. Enjoy your Mum's visit, even if it means hiding to blog! I am sure that she will enjoy catching up with you all, and That Wedding. I am guessing that it is getting close, and hope that all the preparations are smooth going.

    How wonderful that Keera has been welcomed back by the girls. You have a beautiful little girl there Lacy, and I can see that she (and you) are loved by the extended family.

    Mary in Tassie

    1. oh that you so much for you lovely comment, it's so neat to hear a lovely none judgemental comment, Keera is so happy :)

  2. Those 3 girls are absolutely beautiful ! You mentioned the micro-chip- does that mean that all dog owners get their dogs chipped and turn in the information???? How does that work for you guys?

    1. Yes, all dog owners have to microchip their dogs here. So if your dog strays, or gets lost/found, it can be tracked back to the owner. Of course, many people DON'T do it, or register their dogs either.

  3. Oh how frustrating for you and for your mum. Hope she arrives safely on time.

  4. Ohhh how blimmin frustrating waiting your mum will be tired too, and then you guys will be exhausted... rest tomorrow as a lot will be happening, at least there's plenty of hiding places to blog in your new house lol..

  5. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Hope your mum arrived safely and enjoys her stay. I can just see you hiding in the hobbit house blogging. Hehe beautiful photo of Keera, she's a lucky little girl with so many beautiful people caring and loving her including the pups.

  6. oh crap... long day.. but worth it!!


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