Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I went down to the local Kindergarten yesterday morning, and enrolled Keera.

The head teacher told me they had a waiting list of over 100 children!  Then she told me that due to Keera's age she would immediately go to top of the list!

So, they had a cancellation and Keera can start TODAY!!!

So Mum and I are going to drop her off first thing, then pop into Hamilton.  We have some shopping to do... groceries mostly.

 ABOVE:  Little Miss Muppet having cuddles in bed with her Great Grandma.  She loved it so much.
Well... they both did.

ABOVE: Our other small girls quite like my Mum as well *smiles*.

Right, I better get a move on, start of a new routine around here!

Keera starts kindy at 8.30 am and finishes at 3.30 pm today.


Hi! Its been another busy day... and no chances to update during the day till now.
I just picked Keera up from kindy, according to the teachers she had a wonderful time, and I could tell as she was super busy singing and dancing when I got there *smiles*.

 ABOVE:  My Mum and Amanda's 4 kids.  We visited them this morning.

 ABOVE:  Amanda and her Grandma.

ABOVE:  This evening Kelly, Gordon and Rena came for dinner.  We got another 4 generation, Mother/Daughter/Mother/Daughter photo!
We are getting good at that!

I forgot to get one of us and Amanda and Emily!  Oh well... next time me Mum is over we can do it.

Signing off now, we have ANOTHER trip out tomorrow.


  1. That's fantastic that Keera starts kindy so soon - that will certainly help her to settle a little. What grandma doesn't like cuddles in bed... I know this Nana does :) I feel so much happier about Keera being with you for now, I know it's not what you planned but it is best for her. Now that the other two are older (old enough to keep an eye on Keera) you will at least get more breaks now.

  2. Love that photo of Keera and Great Grandma-it is one to treasure. How wonderful that Keera gets to start kindy toady-it was meant to be for sure with a place coming up so fast. I'm sure she will enjoy it. Have a good day.

  3. Little darling girl, look our relaxed and happy she is with her great grandma. That picture melts my heart. You Mum looks so lovely and happy too.

  4. O, I agree -those pictures are ones to treasure.

  5. Keera will just thrive at Kindy, she is such a social wee thing :-)

  6. Lol just looked at generation photo I'm the talest by just a little bit. Ya go me

  7. You all have the same beautiful eyes in the last pic.
    Glad that Keera likes being at kindergarten. :)

  8. Looks like you're keeping the great Grandma busy! Wonderful family pictures!

  9. Nice family pictures :)


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