Friday, October 14, 2016


First up for today, some photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  One of my blog readers (Heather) sent these to Steve and Bex via me, how lovely are they!  THANK YOU so much Heather. ♥

 ABOVE:  Bex and her new Grandma. 

 ABOVE:  That is Bex's brother Matt, he lives in Invercargill... he now thinks he's got a new mother (ME) and a new Grandma too!  LOL... why not!  He's part of our family now, via his sister as far as we are concerned.

 ABOVE:  'Official' brothers-in-law now.
Matt is staying with them until he flies home on the weekend.

ABOVE:  My Mum and her sister Jean, and Jean's hubby Rainey.

It was a really lovely day yesterday.

Today is going to be a busy day, as I have a lot to do in the house to get it back to 'normal'.

I will enjoy that after the past week with people coming and going constantly!  

I'm hoping by this afternoon I've got it all done and can RELAX before Steve, Bex and the boys arrive.

Yep... they are coming back as Steve has a big deck to build for Stew's boss.  

That's all for now!  Catch ya later.


My, what a busy morning I have had!
I took Keera to Kindy, and Brylee and Griffin came in the car, and walked the rest of the way to their school.  Now they have half the distance to cover every morning.  They are happy about that.

Then I headed into Hamilton to buy a small vertical freezer, it is my Birthday gift from my Mum!  My birthday isn't yet though!

After that I went and bought a few Christmas presents, and looked for a bed for Keera.  I might just end up building one for her, then I will get the right size.

Home, unpacked the new freezer, re-arranged the garage so I had a space for it... and now?  It's almost time to pick up Keera.  I think she will be having an afternoon nap today, she's rather tired after the hectic week we have had.

 ABOVE:  The new little vertical freezer on the left.  It's going to be awesome not running out of freezer room now, and NOT falling into a chest freezer!  lol

ABOVE:  My bloody FitBit died... fell to bits.  Cross and crabby about that.  Not sure if I will get another one yet.

Thanks to Mel... I've emailed the Fitbit company and I'm awaiting a reply.  With any luck it will be replaced.

My 'back to normal' day didn't last long!

We now have Steve, Bex, Matt and the little boys here for the weekend... AND our friend Jacqui is here for the night too.

She's in transit, home to Tauranga, and stopped in to visit and now is staying the night.  

So, we have a busy weekend ahead.


  1. My Fitbit died too…but coz it was under warranty they replaced it…send them a pic and see what they do Chris

  2. I'm awaiting my 4th fit bit replacement lol

  3. Bugger about the Fitbit. If it isn't under warranty, I can recommend the Garmin Vivosmart HR; I had the Vivosmart but that's no longer made and had issues with display. Because I had to wait a month for a replacement earlier this year, they upgraded me to the HR for free, and it's been going very well (though I should be walking more...)

  4. Fitbit will replace your broken fitbit/ They are super awesome at replacing them. probably why they're so damn expensive. Just log the damage on their website.

    This is the web link for the Fitbit Customer Support team. Please submit a case by visiting:

    Follow these steps:

    Select “Email us”
    Select your product (if you’re not sure or don’t have a device, select “not sure/no device”)
    Select your primary platform (if you’re not sure, select “not sure/other”)
    Select an issue (or select “other”)
    If the suggested articles don’t answer your question, select “Email us” at the bottom of the page to submit a case

    Once you’ve submitted a case, a Customer Support Agent will follow up with you shortly.

    1. Oh thank you Mel, I will definitely be doing that tomorrow. Fingers crossed they do replace it, it's only 14 months old!

  5. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Chris you will need a jolly holiday from all the excitement or lounge I your NEW backyard with book and drink in hand or not and just relax or snooze It's me Blondie

  6. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Busy busy!! Fitbit will replace it, I got a free replacement when my Charge HR died.

  8. I've had one variation or another of FitBit since they started in early 2012. Loved them. But since the company went public, the product is shoddy and crappy. I still have my first FitBit (Ultra) from 2012 and its perfect. I've gone through two Charges because of the ^%^& bands!!! I am now on a Blaze but even that had to be replaced after 6 weeks! I've had the replacement now 4 months so keeping my fingers crossed!!!


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