Wednesday, October 12, 2016


ABOVE:  I bought Keera some new summer clothes yesterday, she's so, so happy with her pretty dresses.

She is going to wear the one on the right to Kindy today.

And at Kindy today the children are going on a bus to Karapiro School.  It is the school's 'Agriculture Day', where the kids get to bring their calves and lambs to school.  

I am sure Keera and the rest of the kindy kids will really enjoy that!

While Keera is at Kindy, Mum and I will be going into Hamilton to do a grocery shop.  My freezer is EMPTY!  I had to go out last night to buy some meat for tonight's dinner.

I'm putting a beef and bacon stew in the Crock Pot today, as we have Janet and Nigel coming for dinner.  Janet is Ron's daughter ...  he's my Mum's partner.  

It's never ending right now!  Just cook and feed people.  *sigh* 

Once we pick Keera up after Kindy, we are heading over to Paeroa, it's about an hour away, so my Mum can visit an old friend of hers.  
I've checked out the town to see if there's a patchwork shop there and there is.

So... Keera and I might just leave the old ladies to visit and pop down for a look-see.  *smiles*

Well... I think that covers it for now... catch ya later.


8.30 am:  Dropped Keera at kindy.

9 am:  Headed into Hamilton to do a grocery shop...  but on our way through Hamilton I witnessed a teenage boy cross the road on his scooter and take a very nasty fall on the road.

So I stopped and ran over, as I could see he was quite badly hurt.

I managed to get him into my car and take him to hospital.  He could walk ... but his right hand was clearly broken, as was at least one of his fingers.  One finger was bent backwards and stuck in that position, with the bone sticking out.   Poor bloody kid, he kept groaning and saying 'Oh God'.  He had also sustained a mouth injury as he blood coming out his mouth too.

When I got him to A& E they put him in a wheelchair and took him through straight away... he did manage to look at me and say 'Thank You' through all  his pain.

I hope he's OK... Poor guy.

After that little bit of drama, the rest of the day went to plan.

Groceries - DONE
Pick up Keera from Kindy - DONE
Drive to Paeroa and visit Mum's friend - DONE.

Now... finish dinner prep and wait for our guests.

Sadly, our dinner guests couldn't make it, a migraine headache all day put paid to that.
Oh well... more scallops for us.
We are all quite tired tonight, so a quiet evening and early to bed for us.


  1. All of Keeras dresses are blue, I wonder why that is ? Hahah

    1. Funny I didnt even notice, must be me subconscious at work. I got her a yellow one too lol.

  2. ooh gosh she is so adorable :)

  3. OOO Miss Muppet is so precious. Thank goodness for crockpots!!!!!!!!! ~smile~

  4. I think the shop in Paeroa was pretty good but the one in Te Aroha was even better when I used to visit Myra.

  5. An eventful day then. I think I would've called an ambulance rather than driving him in my own car. Hope he is ok and I'm sure he is very grateful to you. Did you go shopping in Paeroa?

  6. I probably should have called an Ambulance, but I figured I would get him there faster instead of waiting for an ambulance. No shopping, there's no fabric or quilt shops in Paeroa anymore ... sadly.

  7. Anonymous9:13 PM

    night miss Muppets xx

  8. Good for you, I bet many other people saw him fall and just carried on. You're a real Good Samaritan.

  9. God bless you, Chris. You are just so sweet to help that young man. And to be so sweet to Keera.

  10. All your kids and grandkids are truly gorgeous!

  11. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Boy you are a busy bee alright and Florence Nightingale too Keera is growing so fast and looks beautiful in those dresses . It's me Blondie

  12. Poor kiddo! I'm glad you were there to help him!


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